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Bernie Sanders - What Do The Experts Think?

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic/Independent Senator from Vermont, is throwing his name in the ring for the 2016 nomination.

61% of articles are pro-Bernie Sanders
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last 24 hours | politico
Email woes, Sanders surge rattle Clinton's Hill backers - Politico

"...More than 30 Democratic senators have endorsed Clinton, a key show of support so early in an election that pits Clinton against their current colleague Sanders (I-Vt.) and could eventually include longtime Democratic senator and Vice President Joe Biden. Some senators are privately fretting that Clinton appears slow-footed in responding to Republican attacks, and there are questions among Capitol Hill Democrats about how she is dealing with the new reality of today's ADD-news cycle, which has fueled real estate mogul Donald Trump's candidacy. Their grievances are aired privately for the most part, lest they offend their likely presidential standard-bearer. Indeed, Clinton is shown enormous deference by elected Democrats in Congress, almost to the level enjoyed by President Barack Obama. As for Sanders, while most Democratic senators say he's brought energy to the race, he is not a real threat to Clinton. Biden, should he run, is viewed much the same, though he would likely pick up endorsements from Delaware's senators...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1213 days ago | realclearpolitics
Clinton's Big Obstacle Is Herself

"...She keeps putting obstacles in her own path, but Hillary Clinton remains the odds-on favorite to become our next president.The headlines screaming "Clinton's Support Erodes" are true, but only in a relative sense. In the contest for the Democratic nomination, according to the polls, she has slid all the way from "prohibitive favorite" to something like "strong favorite" -- not bad, given the way she has hobbled herself with the email scandal.A new Washington Post-ABC News poll gives a clear view of Clinton's status. Among registered voters who are Democrats or lean toward that party, Clinton is at 42 percent while Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is at 24 percent and Vice President Joe Biden at 21 percent. Since July, according to the Post-ABC News poll, Clinton's support has fallen 21 points. So yes, her campaign has reason to be concerned. But not alarmed...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1221 days ago | salon
Let the anti-Bernie Sanders red-baiting begin: Hillary Clintons super PAC wants you to know that hes a socialist

"...I'm also genuinely puzzled as to the political logic behind this attack. It's difficult to see how transparent red-baiting of this sort would find a sympathetic audience among liberals and Democratic primary voters. Claire McCaskill, a Senate colleague of Sanders and a Clinton supporter, tested out a similar version of this attack over the summer, going on TV and calling Sanders extreme and too liberal and reminding everyone that he's a socialist. The party and its base have spent the past seven years rolling their eyes at people like Sarah Palin who describe everything the Democrats do as socialism why would they respond favorably to an intramural version of this same dumb jab?If anything, the attack is helpful to Sanders, given his opposition to super PACs and other outside money groups as corrupting forces in politics. Correct the Record isaggressively testing the boundaries of campaign finance law by directly coordinating with the Clinton campaign, which is technically prohibited by our gauzy and barely enforceable laws on election spending. An attack coming from a group like this fits right into Sanders' message about the poisoning effect of money in politics...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1221 days ago | vox
A pro-Clinton Super PAC attacked Bernie Sanders over ties to UK Labour leader. Here's why.

"...Sanders has said he won't run negative ads against Clinton, but he is using the tried-and-true method of pointing out their differences on policies that animate the Democratic base. And it appears to be part of what's working for Sanders, as Clinton's poll numbers have declined precipitously over the summer. Sanders holds leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, the states with the first two primary contests next year, according to the most recent polls.It all comes down to this: There's a real fight for the Democratic nomination not the coronation of Clinton that many of the party faithful feared and it is going to be waged in part on the questions of whether Sanders is too liberal and whether Clinton is too moderate...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

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1221 days ago | thehill
Clinton wins key NH union endorsements - The Hill (blog)

"...It's the fourth national labor union to announce support for Clinton as she seeks to beat back a challenge from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I), who is aggressively courting the support of union workers.In addition, the New Hampshire chapter of the National Education Association, which has 16,000 members, said Monday it will also support Clinton for president. The endorsement gives Clinton the backing of the biggest public employee union in a critical early-voting state.Clinton is seeking to shore up her support in New Hampshire against a growing threat from Sanders, who has become the front-runner in recent polls of the Granite State.A CBS News/YouGov survey released over the weekend showed Sanders with a 22-point lead over Clinton in New Hampshire. He has led in the four most recent polls there and opened up an 11-point lead, according to the RealClearPolitics average.While Clinton has had early success in landing major union endorsements, many of the biggest labor organizations including the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the Service Employees International Union remain on the sidelines.Sanders has signaled he intends to fight Clinton for labor support...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1222 days ago | ibtimes
Election 2016 Polls: Hillary Clinton Support Falls As Bernie Sanders Gains ... - International Business Times
"...Clinton's ratings dropped from 63 percent in July to 42 percent in September, though she remains far ahead of Sanders' 24 percent and Vice President Joe Biden's 21 percent. Still, Clinton's trajectory leaves no question that she has trouble, the poll reported. Her ratings for honesty and trustworthiness have dropped to an all-time low of 39 percent, in part due to her use of a private server for her work email during her stint as secretary of state, the poll found...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1222 days ago | time
Clinton's Email Controversy Is Weighing on Her Campaign, Poll Finds - TIME
"...It's unclear, however, whether the email issue will persist into 2016 and hurt her if she is chosen to represent the Democrats in the general election: fewer than half of Americans think it is a legitimate issue in the presidential election, according to the poll. And Clinton still holds a commanding lead in the nominating contest: 42% of Democratic-leaning voters support Clinton, compared with 24% supporting second place Bernie Sanders.But a summer dominated by headlines about the email controversy has impacted her bid for the nomination. Her support among Democrats has dropped 21 points since July...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1222 days ago | huffingtonpost
25 Reasons I'm Voting for Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton and the GOP Nominee - Huffington Post

"...It's true that Republicans have an irrational hatred of Clinton and that the Benghazi attacks have been unfairly leveled at Clinton. However, most of Clinton's scandals are based on her own decisions, not the irrational behavior of others. Not everything is Benghazi...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1222 days ago | themiamihurricane
Martin O'Malley strongest Democratic challenger to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton - The Miami Hurricane
"...But Sanders is unlikely to gain any measure of success in a general election as an unabashed socialist he is simply too liberal. However, his attractiveness as a primary candidate stems from the fact that he will force Clinton to the left on important economic issues.Clinton has nothing to gain from staying moderate even in the general election, because Republicans have already branded her as the liberal sweetheart who represents everything wrong with her party. If Sanders's liberal presence forces Hillary to lose her moderate views, it will help her energize her base in the general election. Sanders is doing more of a service to Clinton than representing a real threat...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1222 days ago |
Hillary Clinton's glaring vulnerability: Why Bernie Sanders must call out her militant foreign policy
"...Hillary's militarism ought to arouse concern in Democratic circles. She's arguably the most self-aware person in American politics; she rarely says or does anything that's not calculated to minimize blowback (and that's not necessarily a critique). If this is her position now, while Sanders is pressuring her to move left on multiple fronts, there's no reason to think she'll be any different in a general election.For better or worse, Hillary Clinton is a hawk liberals and progressives should not be confused about that. To her credit, this is what she's been for a long time, and she's not hiding it. The question is, after our recent misadventures in the Middle East, is this what Democrats want?..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1222 days ago | buzzfeed
Hillary Clinton's "Firewall": Just Volunteers For Now - BuzzFeed News
"...For Clinton's campaign, at this stage in the race, that's always been the idea. The original strategy is still in place. The lifeblood of the operation still runs in the early states. And the campaign is still, broadly speaking, a campaign to win Iowa. Mook, the architect, visited Iowa last month, makes regular calls to Iowa, and, along with his no. 2, Marlon Marshall, spends a good chunk of each day, in some part, on Iowa. (Clinton has 78 full-time organizers in the state. Last week, on a conference call with Iowa supporters, Mook said he plans to send even more resources which has been the plan all along, said Jerry Crawford, a longtime Clinton backer in Iowa who described the call.)This spring, in other corners of the country, a 10-week ramp-up program helped bring a broad base of volunteers into the fold. From April to July, Clinton contracted one organizer in each state and territory to meet with potential volunteers, hold trainings, and do as much as possible to build a provisional network of engaged supporters. And then the organizers left or at least went off the payroll. The results of the program are difficult to measure. Mook recently put the number of non-early state volunteers at more than 35,000. But in skill and commitment, supporters can run the spectrum...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1223 days ago | washingtonpost
What Bernie Sanders's rise means for American politics - Washington Post

"...No one is more amazed about the buoyancy of his presidential candidacy than Bernie Sanders himself, which only adds to its charm. The Vermont independent and proud democratic socialist got into the race mainly to remind the country what a progressive agenda actually looks like. You can't keep calling President Obama a socialist once you are confronted with the real thing.Then magic struck: Sanders started surging in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, two states that are demographically well set up for him and that also happen to hold next year's first two contests. A poll this week from WMUR-TV in New Hampshire showed Sanders within 6 points of Hillary Clinton. The survey had a relatively small sample size and a rather large margin of error, but the trend it measured is consistent with other polls...." see full article

1261 days ago | alternet
Why Bernie Sanders' Economic Vision Sets Him Apart From the Other ... - AlterNet
"...The growth argument seems to imply that the United States economy's biggest problem is that there isn't enough wealth, rather than the reality that our country is very rich but that the riches are distributed in a way that is very unequal. Sanders' argument is that human outcomes are more important than simply growing.There's also the fact that many of the resources we use are not unlimited. We cannot embrace unlimited economic growth without degrading the planet. This is something Americans realize a Gallup poll last year found that 50 percent of Americans say the protection of the environment should be given priority, even at the risk of curbing economic growth (41 percent disagreed)...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1282 days ago | time
Will Bernie Sanders Be on the New Hampshire Ballot? - TIME
"...But Sanders is not a registered member of the Democratic Party. Not only does his home state of Vermont technically not register voters or candidates as belonging to political parties, but the Senator has staunchly maintained he is an Independent, criticizing both Democrats and Republicans for being too beholden to corporate interests (though he caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate). And while Sanders has won Democratic primaries in Vermont, he's repeatedly declined to be nominated as a party standard-bearer.Political operatives, both Democrats and Republicans, have questioned whether the Independent senator is technically eligible to run. Bernie Sanders is an avowed independent, said Republican Charlie Bass, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives and New Hampshire state senator who helped write election law in the state and argues there's a good case against the Vermont Senator. He's using the Democratic Party as a matter of convenience. ..." see full article

1284 days ago | salon
They're terrified of Bernie Sanders: Fox News, Hillary surrogates and Wall ... - Salon

"...His name is Senator Bernie Sanders and he's filling arenas and surging in Iowa and New Hampshire without the help of a super PAC; money can't buy enthusiasm. Vermont's Senator recently drew crowds of 10,000 in Wisconsin, 2,500 people in Iowa, a packed to capacity venue in New Hampshire, and a huge crowd of 7,500 in Maine. Sanders has been able to create a groundswell of momentum through an energized base of grassroots support.The surge Bernie Sanders is experiencing in key states is becoming a bigger problem for Clinton, even though his popularity doesn't rely upon a costly and monstrous campaign apparatus. Appearing on Face the Nation in May, Bernie Sanders explained his views of Citizens United:..." see full article

1285 days ago | washingtonpost
The thing Bernie Sanders says that no other candidate will touch - Washington Post (blog)

"...There are very few unspoken rules among major-party candidates for president, and Bernie Sanders is breaking one of them. He's saying that America's leaders shouldn't worry so much about economic growth if that growth serves to enrich only the wealthiest Americans. Our economic goals have to be redistributing a significant amount of [wealth] back from the top 1 percent, Sanders said in a recent interview, even if that redistribution slows the economy overall. Unchecked growth especially when 99 percent of all new income goes to the top 1 percent is absurd, he said. Where we've got to move is not growth for the sake of growth, but we've got to move to a society that provides a high quality of life for all of our people. In other words, if people have health care as a right, as do the people of every other major country, then there's less worry about growth. If people have educational opportunity and their kids can go to college and they have child care, then there's less worry about growth for the sake of growth. ..." see full article

1285 days ago | salon
Bernie Sanders isn't going away: What his surprising poll numbers really mean - Salon

"...Right now, Bernie Sanders is drawing bigger crowds than any other presidential candidate. His economic populism is bringing in millions in contributions that will carry him into next year's opening caucuses and primaries. In short, Bernie has been campaigning in a way that has served him well for years as a blunt retail politician whose calls for economic fairness and a people-centered uprising have endeared him to working people across the political spectrum.There are many surprising facets to Sanders' appeal that are not widely known outside of Vermont that account for his campaign's better-than-expected opening and likely staying power. But while some longtime Vermont Sanders watchers are not surprised by his success they know his emphatic, intense, almost-explosive demeanor and his reputation as a resilient campaigner, they're also acutely aware of the challenges he faces as the race transitions from its heady start-up phase to a very competitive contest...." see full article

1286 days ago | nytimes
Bernie Sanders's Early Online Haul: $8.3 Million - New York Times

"...The enthusiastic crowds that have been greeting Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail have been matched by online donor excitement.Mr. Sanders, the Vermont independent senator running for the Democratic presidential nomination, has raised at least $8.3 million online through June 17, according to Federal Election Commission records. His campaign won't file its initial report until July 15, but filings by ActBlue, the online fund-raising committee that serves as a conduit for Democratic campaigns, show that Mr. Sanders, who describes himself as a democratic socialist, has brought in more money in May and the first half of June than any other Democratic candidate using ActBlue...." see full article

1302 days ago | newyorker
Bernie Sanders Is Enjoying a Mini-Surge - The New Yorker

"...On Thursday, while the political world was focussed on the Supreme Court's Obamacare ruling, two polls came out showing Bernie Sanders making up ground on Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Iowa. In a survey carried out by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center for CNN and the Manchester-based WMUR TV, Clinton was leading Sanders by just eight percentage points: forty-three per cent to thirty-five per cent. Meanwhile, a poll carried out in Iowa for Bloomberg found that Sanders now has the support of about a quarter of likely Democratic voters, by far his strongest showing yet in the state that will be the first to vote in the Democratic primary. It's tremendous progress that he is making with voters in the first two states, Tad Devine, Sanders's chief political strategist, told Bloomberg's John McCormick. It's something we felt on the ground. ..." see full article

1302 days ago | thedailybeast
Bernie Sanders Is Building an Army to Take D.C. - Daily Beast

"...The reception he's gotten in the four or five weeks since he announced his candidacy has persuaded him that maybe the country's disgust with politics as usual has created an opening for somebody like him, a 73-year-old self-described "democratic socialist" who calls out the excesses of Wall Street and stands up for working families. "It is not a radical agenda," he told reporters at a breakfast organized by The Christian Science Monitor.He wants to expand Social Security, move away from Obamacare to Medicare for all, and make tuition free at public universities. He would pay for these expanded benefits with a tax on Wall Street speculative trading, and he would end the loopholes that allow corporations to store their profits tax-free offshore. He doesn't expect support from the Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce, or Wall Street, he says with delight, treating their opposition like a badge of honor...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1313 days ago | salon
Here's how Bernie Sanders could win: The one issue where Hillary's vulnerable ... - Salon

"...Bernie Sanders does a far better job on the issue, but even he doesn't quite nail it. Like Clinton, he says his Supreme Court appointees must commit to overturn Citizens United. He said it first, but every Democrat says it now and it feels like a dodge. Overturning Citizens United, whether by judicial review or constitutional amendment, is a highly conjectural remedy. A president could serve two terms and not get to replace a single Republican Supreme Court justice, and hell will freeze over before a 38th state ratifies a constitutional amendment.Democrats speak of Citizens United as if overturning it would restore a golden age of ethics; as if its mere existence excuses all the bad bargains they strike with the rich and powerful; as if it proved that where corruption is concerned, they are only victims, never culprits. Government was corrupt before Citizens United was filed and will have to be cleaned up before it's overturned. Voters want to hear some practical ideas about how to do it up but so far Democrats don't have any...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1314 days ago | politico
Bernie Sanders tweaks stump speech amid pressure - Politico

"...Sanders also boasts a liberal record on racial justice issues he was a civil rights activist and participated in sit-ins in the 1960s, decried the Supreme Court's decision weakening the Voting Rights Act and has pursued economic reforms in inner cities. Recently, he has introduced a youth jobs bill and chided the media for failing to cover a speech on African-American unemployment a topic he often discusses.Sanders' campaign, though, has been laser-focused on income and wealth inequality, climate change and campaign finance reform. His advisers have said it's important for Sanders to introduce himself to voters on these issues, and he has been reluctant to stray from those areas...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1315 days ago | washingtonpost
Bernie Sanders says Americans back his agenda — and he's mostly right - Washington Post (blog)

"...The overall verdict? Yes, Americans broadly support the things that are on Sanders's agenda, with a number of particular footnotes.We have to note, though, that there's a contingency that isn't mentioned: The ability of Sanders -- or anyone -- to make these things happen on Capitol Hill demands far less optimism...." see full article

1316 days ago | huffingtonpost
Uh-Oh...Do Some Liberals Think Bernie Sanders is a Republican? - Huffington Post (blog)

"...If voters don't even realize that Bernie Sanders is running as a Democrat, this is real problem, and one that the Sanders campaign should be aware of. A longtime viewer of ours, Jason, wrote in with one idea about this call. As the female caller mentioned, she's from South Carolina. Jason suggested that there is a strong tradition in the south of conservative politicians running as "independents," like Sanders, when there was a strong "Dixiecrat" contingency of voters who would reflexively vote against any candidate running as a Republican. Could the caller have been falling prey to some level of confusion around Bernie Sanders being an "independent" who happens to caucus with Democrats in the Senate?..." see full article

1316 days ago | counterpunch
The Ideological Perils of Bernie Sanders - CounterPunch
"...It's not that Bernie Sanders is as right wing as Barack Obama on domestic issues. Sanders has identified as a democratic socialist for most of his political career and his rhetoric on domestic economic policy is remarkably consistent. He isn't radical, or at least he wouldn't be in a sane society. Sanders embodies and exemplifies the traditional urge of the Democrats to be slightly more accommodating to the interests of the working class under capitalism, while still maintaining the basic economic status quo.For an illustrative example of Sanders' lack of radical politics, take his social media post of a few weeks ago which was spent lauding Facebook for paying its employees a baseline salary of 15 dollars an hour. Now while it is certainly better for the company to pay its workers 15 dollars an hour than, say, 10 dollars an hour, it's not as if Facebook is the kind of company any self-respecting member of the left wing of American politics should be heaping praise upon. After all, this is a company that a few years ago was shamed into backing away from assuming control over the life rights to the image identity of newborns...." see full article

1316 days ago | huffingtonpost
Bernie Sanders 'Surprised' By Size Of Crowds At His Campaign Rallies - Huffington Post

"...Sanders continues to trail Clinton in the polls by some 50 points. But he isn't sweating it. Rather, the senator argued that once more people have heard of him and what he stands for, the numbers will start to turn in his favor. "Polls have a lot to do with name recognition. I think [Clinton] may certainly be one of the best-known people in the U.S. I am not. I think our name recognition is growing," he said. "We have momentum. Our numbers are growing."..." see full article

1317 days ago | salon
Bernie Sanders masterfully trolls the GOP: 2016 hopeful unveils a real "family ... - Salon

"...Signaling that he's not prepared to concede the language of family values to sanctimonious social conservative scolds, Bernie Sanders on Thursday unveiled his own family values agenda, centered on a series of proposals to guarantee paid family and medical leave.Noting that the United States lags other wealthy, industrialized nations in paid leave policies indeed, the country ranks last on family policies the Vermont senator and 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful called for the U.S. to catch up with the rest of the world...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1317 days ago | huffingtonpost
Bernie Sanders Is The Mainstream Candidate, Not an Extremist - Huffington Post

"...Of the candidates running for president as of today, Bernie Sanders is the candidate who has made the biggest deal of this issue. The reality is that Bernie Sanders represents the mainstream views of voters on many more issues than just campaign finance and money in politics.Of the candidates running today, Senator Sanders is the candidate who has most loudly proclaimed that the wealth gap in the U.S. is too big, and 63 percent of Americans agree. Although so-called "wealth redistribution" is used as an ad hominem by advocates of supply-side economics, 52 percent of Americans believe that taxing the rich should be used to reduce the wealth gap. Who but Bernie Sanders has been touting this strategy?..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1319 days ago | blogs.wsj
What Bernie Sanders's Campaign Is Really About - Wall Street Journal (blog)
"...One reason? Mr. Sanders might have no wish to see her weakened in the event she squares off against the Republicans in the general election.But Mr. Sanders could do some damage to her campaign, nonetheless.Mr. Sanders is a compelling speaker. He lays out clear positions, delivering them with conviction and energy. Mrs. Clinton is a cautious campaigner who has yet to unspool many of her policy positions. Should she waffle when it comes to controversial issues like free trade, she could look calculating and tepid in comparison to Mr. Sanders. Is that enough to deprive her of the Democratic nomination? Doubtful. But a strong debate performance by Mr. Sanders would only feed the Bernie Boomlet that has been playing out in Iowa and New Hampshire in recent weeks...." see full article

1320 days ago | theweek
It's time for democratic socialism - The Week Magazine
"...Bernie Sanders has gotten a lot of attention for his forthright embrace of progressive policies, but perhaps his most shocking characteristic, at least to American ears, is the way he openly describes himself as a "democratic socialist." For a nation where, for decades, the slightest hint of socialist sympathies was viciously red-baited out of the public discourse, this is highly unusual. Conservatives, in particular, are scandalized at his unabashed leftism, and seem outraged that their magic debate-ending card doesn't work the way it did back in the days of McCarthy.But Sanders is right: Democratic socialism is just what is needed in 21st-century America...." see full article

1320 days ago | grandforksherald
GEORGE WILL: Bernie Sanders' socialist charade - Grand Forks Herald
"..."Independent"? He caucuses with Senate Democrats and attends their policy lunches, his committee assignments count against the Democrats' quotas, he reliably votes with Democrats and he is seeking the Democrats' presidential nomination. He is a Democrat.And if he is a "socialist," who isn't? In olden days, socialism meant something robust government ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange. Then, voters and reality being resistant to such socialism, the idea was diluted to mean just government ownership of an economy's "commanding heights," principally heavy industries, coal mines, railroads and so on...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1321 days ago | salon
Bernie Sanders isn't a "crackpot" — and the progressive agenda isn't "left-wing" - Salon

"...Hillary Clinton's corporatism, Hendricks writes, wed to her social liberalism and her imperial hawkishness appeals to those in the moneyed Second and journalistic Fourth Estates who would embrace Republicanism but for its misogynistic, homophobic, racist, science-denying core. And so Sanders was tarred at the outset as a doomed crackpot candidate, followed then by article after article that fixated not on ideas and policies but on various idiosyncrasies, Sanders' age and hippie past, the ideology of democratic socialism, and for heaven's sake, his flyaway hair.But if Senator Sanders is a crackpot, so are the majority of Americans. The ideas and policies he espouses have far more public support than the journalist habitu s of Capitol Hill and Pennsylvania Avenue would have you believe...." see full article

1322 days ago | time
Sanders Eyes Run Warren Run's Network in Iowa - TIME
"...Sanders was in Iowa last week, and he gathered large crowds to his events in Muscatine, Davenport and elsewhere in the state. Campaign aides said attendance at every event outpaced expectations.He has surged in Iowa polls and is the top pick of 16 percent of Iowa Democratic voters, triple his standing in January, according to a Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll. That still puts him far behind Hillary Clinton, however, who is polling around 57% among Iowa Democrats...." see full article

1325 days ago | salon
Bernie Sanders must bring it: Between GOP obfuscation and Hillary's evasions ... - Salon

"...Bernie Sanders was in Vermont Tuesday to kick off his campaign. He's truly the anti-politician. Under sunny skies with a Lake Champlain wind at his back, he skipped family hagiography and got straight to the point, laying out a cogent fact-laced analysis and a litany of specific proposals: a $15 minimum wage; a trillion dollar public works program; a carbon tax to help transform our energy system away from fossil fuels ; a new trade policy; a raise in social security benefits; universal pre-K.At the tail end of his remarks Sanders related a little family lore but began with a sly joke, As some of you know, I was born in a faraway land called Brooklyn, New York. He briefly described his solidly lower middle class life as the son of a paint salesman and a mother who died young and what it taught him: As a kid I learned in many, many ways what lack of money means to a family. ..." see full article

1325 days ago | chicagotribune
Bernie Sanders' liberal moment - Chicago Tribune

"...The left wing of the Democratic Party is having a magic moment. U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., an avowed socialist, drew enthusiastic throngs in Iowa last week. The 700 people who showed up in Davenport gave him the biggest crowd any candidate in either party has seen in the state this year. The audience in Kensett was bigger than the population of Kensett.Some people think this could be the start of something big. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow marveled at his "incredibly positive launch" and wondered, "What does it mean if Bernie Sanders continues to do as well as he has been doing?"..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1325 days ago | thehill
The Bernie Sanders surge - The Hill (blog)

"...In purely political terms, Sanders is crowding out O'Malley. The deal on O'Malley is that he was a good governor of Maryland, and a fairly good mayor of Baltimore. But as the reaction in Baltimore after the latest riots suggests, as mayor, O'Malley was a law-and-order guy not unlike New Democrats, and not the rip-roaring populist he is campaigning as today.Bernie Sanders, by contrast, has alway been the same Bernie Sanders, a true populist with a socialist twist, a leader who never bends with the political winds, and a man who radiates the kind of authenticity that Americans crave, but rarely find, in politicians today...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1326 days ago | vox
Bernie Sanders is winning the internet and changing the conversation - Vox

"...Sanders's virality doesn't show that he has a chance to win. If anything, it's the opposite. His virality stems, in part, from the fact that he isn't even trying. Most politicians are trying, on some level, for mainstream influence. Even a long-shot candidate like Martin O'Malley really might become the Democratic nominee if Hillary Clinton is struck by lightning or suffers some unforeseen meltdown.Sanders isn't like that. He's not going to win no matter what, and he knows it. After all, he is an avowed socialist with zero interest in big-dollar fundraising who's not afraid to say he thinks the US should fundamentally transform itself into a different kind of country...." see full article

1326 days ago | newyorker
Bernie Sanders: A Man With a Cause - The New Yorker

"...Although each of these policy proposals is important in its own right, neither would cost the Democratic Party's donor class any money. The political test for Clinton will come in the area of economic policy, where Sanders has put out a comprehensive and, by American standards, quite radical manifesto. It includes reforming the tax code to make the rich pay more, raising the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour, reforming trade policies, breaking up the big banks, and turning Medicare into a public health-care system for Americans of all ages.When Sanders unveiled this plan last December, I pointed out that it isn't all at variance with the policies of the Clinton-Obama wing of the party. Virtually all Democrats support raising the minimum wage and eliminating some of the tax breaks for the rich, for instance. In these areas, and others, Clinton should be able to find common ground with progressives. But the question remains: In positioning herself as a battler for the middle class, how far to the left will she go?..." see full article

1327 days ago | radio.foxnews
Ben & Jerry: We Were Long Shots Just Like Bernie Sanders Once - FOX News Radio (blog)
"...He's a long shot, but so were Ben and Jerry. Every once in a while long shots come in. You know the thing about Bernie is that he's a populist, and if the policies that he's supporting, healthcare for all, college for all, putting people back to work, are things that support millions and millions and millions of Americans, the huge majority of Americans. And if they just get behind him, he'll win...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1329 days ago | alternet
The Press and Bernie Sanders - AlterNet
"...But the sprawling rally didn't cause much of a media stir. Rather than cover it as a major news event, the Washington Post ignored the rally in its print edition the next day, as did the New York Times, according to a search of the Nexis database. The network news programs that night covered the event in just a few sentences.At a time when it seems any movement on the Republican side of the candidate field produces instant and extensive press coverage, more and more observers are suggesting there's something out of whack with Sanders' press treatment.And they're right.As the Vermont liberal spreads his income equality campaign message, the press corps seems unsure of how to cover him. In the month since he announced his bid, Sanders' coverage seems to pale in comparison to comparable Republican candidates who face an arduous task of obtaining their party's nomination. The reluctance is ironic, since the D.C. press corps for months brayed loudly about how Hillary Clinton must face a primary challenger. Now she has one and the press can barely feign interest?..." see full article

1329 days ago | politicususa
Bernie Sanders Has More Support Than Every 2016 Republican Candidate In ... - PoliticusUSA
"...Politicians like Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee are more out of the mainstream than Bernie Sanders. The media is perpetuating the myth of a horse race election between Democrats and Republicans when the facts are that the Democratic Party has the two most popular candidates. One of those candidates is extraordinarily popular (Hillary Clinton) while the other is more in touch with the sentiment among average Americans (Bernie Sanders) than any candidate on the Republican side.Bernie Sanders is legitimately popular. The prism that the media is trying to force this election into doesn't fit. Sen. Sanders has a larger base of support than any Republican hopeful, which is why it is time for the media to stop pumping up GOP pretenders and face the reality that Bernie Sanders is legit...." see full article

1330 days ago | mic
Watch Jon Stewart Prove Just How Brilliant a Candidate Bernie Sanders Really Is - Mic
"...Here is why Sanders is such a popular candidate among young voters: He's authentic. He's got a great story about holding onto his beliefs throughout his life. He's a feminist and a radical thinker. And he's honest about every bit of it.But in an age where social media is breaking down carefully crafted barriers between public figures and the public, seeing such transparency from a candidate is inspiring. Sanders shouldn't be relegated to the crazy bin. We should start accepting said authenticity with open ears. Even if it does come from an older, slightly unkempt man with wild ideas...." see full article

1330 days ago | washingtonpost
Bernie Sanders: So hot right now - Washington Post (blog)

"...Do you feel the Bernie-mentum?And, no, I am not being entirely tongue-in-cheek. The truth of the matter is that Sanders has rather quickly emerged as the leading rival -- and liberal alternative -- to the juggernaut candidacy of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.And, no, I am not being entirely tongue-in-cheek. The truth of the matter is that Sanders has rather quickly emerged as the leading rival -- and liberal alternative -- to the juggernaut candidacy of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton...." see full article

1330 days ago | cnn
Will Bernie Sanders start a revolution? - CNN

"...He must take on the Clinton political machine that has retooled after its defeat in 2008. He's a minnow in the money game in a campaign that will be awash in billions of dollars.He's not exactly a polished pol either, with an unrepentant message of class warfare that makes him an unlikely candidate to win over Middle America.And many Democrats are only beginning to learn who Sanders actually is. He's a long shot, but has shown some momentum since indicating he would take the plunge into the presidential race late last month. In a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday, Sanders was at 15% of Democratic voters nationwide, up from the 5% he managed in a CNN national poll last month...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1331 days ago | politico
Socialist Sanders threatens Clinton more than made-for-TV O'Malley - Politico

"...But, perhaps counterintuitively, it's Sanders six years older than Clinton, a self-defined socialist with no big money apparatus and positions that appeal to the far left of the party that Democratic strategists and Clinton insiders expect to pose a bigger threat to the former secretary of state than the mainstream O'Malley, who has been trying to build a national constituency by positioning himself slightly to her left. Sanders could be 2016's Eugene McCarthy, said Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf, who in the past has advised Bill Clinton. He is the populist symbol well-known to his supporters. Clinton is the establishment candidate. Sanders is the insurgent. And O'Malley needs money and has to run a traditional campaign and create a constituency. Sanders' constituency is just waiting to be told the game is on. ..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1331 days ago | nytimes
Bernie Sanders's Message Resonates With a Certain Age Group: His Own - New York Times

"...If Mr. Sanders were to win the election, he would be 75 when he took office, becoming the oldest person to assume the presidency. Some fans of Mr. Sanders said that youth was overrated in such endeavors. People say presidents should represent the future, represent the next generation, but what this country needs is a leader who has a deep understanding of its problems, said Francesca Mihok, 54, a single mother and physical therapist who attended Mr. Sanders's first campaign rally, in Burlington, Vt., on Tuesday...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1331 days ago | thedailybeast
Bernie Sanders's One Fantastic Idea - Daily Beast

"...But even if she did come out against it, is it going to be because of Sanders and O'Malley? I say doubtful. It's going to be because it becomes clear to her campaign that she forfeits more among liberals in enthusiasm than she gains among centrists in credibility or donations or what have you. That has more to do with the grassroots and the unions and a certain non-candidate (Elizabeth Warren) than it does with her opponents.But all that said, here's the important thing that long-shot candidates can bring to the dance: They can introduce an issue or way of seeing a problem that voters just weren't thinking about before and the front-runner won't have the fortitude to talk about because it's seen as too risky. And even if they don't get the front-runner to embrace their position, they can create a reality in which the candidate gets asked a lot of questions about it and with any luck it becomes a position she ultimately has to embrace...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1332 days ago | demos
Bernie Sanders' Deodorant Argument Is One of the Most Substantive of the ... - PolicyShop (blog)
"...Personally, I find the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, which he declared Tuesday, something to look forward to.I'm speaking as someone who loves the romance of politics. Because in addition to duking it out over important issues, I think the personal is a big part of politics, especially in this country where we tend to want to know the president in some sort of one-to-one connection. We pick the president, after all, not like they do in other countries where the members of parliament pick the prime ministers.So the personal matters...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1332 days ago | politico
Will Bernie Sanders get a fair shake?

"...On Tuesday, a United States senator formally launched a presidential campaign. The senator is one of just two Democratic candidates officially seeking the presidency. Straight out the gate, he already has more on-the-ground support than roughly half of the current and likely Republican hopefuls -- including Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Rick Perry -- and just less than Ted Cruz.Yet when that senator announced his intention to run, late last month, the news was buried on page A21 of The New York Times, despite the fact that almost every other campaign launch, including Cruz's, was featured prominently on page A1. The Washington Post began a profile of the "unlikely presidential candidate" by labeling him "an ex-hippie, septuagenarian socialist from the liberal reaches of Vermont who rails, in his thick Brooklyn accent, rumpled suit and frizzy pile of white hair, against the billionaire class' taking over the country." By Tuesday, it had dubbed his bid "by-all-accounts-doomed."..." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1333 days ago | salon
Bernie Sanders really matters: He doesnt have to win to build a progressive movement

"...Sanders can teach today's progressives how to be more like their forebears, who won elections and historic reforms by prosecuting their cases with fact and logic. Sanders is bright and articulate enough to pull it off. In so doing he could redefine what it means to be a candidate. He might even persuade a few folks that calculation and charisma count for less than intelligence, character and conviction.Pundits say Sanders will drive Clinton to the left. Maybe so, but it would be enough to drive her to greater specificity. A shallow, malleable press drools over Clinton's new populist patois, which thus far contains nothing by way of content. Her people say she's bent on not repeating her 2008 campaign, but she seems more bent on replaying Obama's. It's just as big a mistake...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1333 days ago | rollingstone
Give 'Em Hell, Bernie
"...But Sanders genuinely, sincerely, does not care about optics. He is the rarest of Washington animals, a completely honest person. If he's motivated by anything other than a desire to use his influence to protect people who can't protect themselves, I've never seen it. Bernie Sanders is the kind of person who goes to bed at night thinking about how to increase the heating-oil aid program for the poor.This is why his entrance into the 2016 presidential race is a great thing and not a mere footnote to the inevitable coronation of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. If the press is smart enough to grasp it, his entrance into the race makes for a profound storyline that could force all of us to ask some very uncomfortable questions...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1333 days ago | hotair
Bernie Sanders: A 90% tax rate sounds fine to me - Hot Air
"...Sanders still gets an F from the NRA on gun control, though curiously he has voted on the right side of some Second Amendment issues, leading observers to call him the Second Amendment Socialist. He's called for the seizure and nationalization of the oil and gas industry, and wants to break up the banks. The guy is so far to the Left that he wouldn't even officially associate himself with the Democrats until he decided to run for President.What's the point of all this? Look I understand that cable news has a lot of hours to fill every day, but continuing to treat Bernie Sanders as a legitimate challenger to Hillary Clinton and a viable candidate for the presidency is a disservice to the public. The man couldn't be elected anywhere outside of Vermont and it's time to lump him in with Vermin Supremewhere he belongs...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1333 days ago | observer
How Bernie Sanders Points the Way for New York's Outsider Candidates - New York Observer
"...Mr. Sanders is a long shot to win the Democratic nomination, much less the presidency, but he is not a laughable long shot. Having served eight terms in Congress and one and a half in the Senate, he has the resume of a credible candidate. Compare him to the most prominent outsider presidential contender in recent memory: Ralph Nader, who when pressed by Chris Matthews on his qualifications in 2004, could only point to his experience working in the Department of Labor under Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the 1960s.What got Mr. Sanders where he is now is what got him elected mayor in 1981: building a base from the bottom up, and shifting his focus from the grandiose to the granular. The low-income areas of Burlington always took the longest to get their streets cleaned after a smothering New England snowstorm, Mr. Sugarman recalled, with often just one sanitation worker on a single shift charged with shoveling out an entire neighborhood...." see full article or see all articles on this topic

1333 days ago | truth-out
Bernie Sanders Takes It to Wall Street With Financial Transactions Tax - Truth-Out
"...While making college affordable to low and middle income families is important, the proposal for an FTT is a real game changer. There is no single policy that would have anywhere near as much impact in reforming the financial sector. A FTT would effectively impose a sales tax on stocks and other financial assets, so that speculators have to pay a tax on their trades, just like people who buy shoes or clothes.There are three points people should understand about a FTT. The first is that it can raise an enormous amount of money. A FTT could be imposed at different rates. Sanders proposed following the rate structure in a bill put forward by Minneapolis Congressman Keith Ellison. Eleven countries in the European Union are working to implement a set of FTTs that would tax stock trades at a rate of 0.1 percent and trades of most derivative instruments at the rate of 0.01 percent...." see full article

1334 days ago | bangordailynews
Bernie Sanders only candidate to take on issues important to millennials - Bangor Daily News
"...The only one of the so-called major party contenders speaking to issues uniformly applicable to millennials across the bloc is, ironically considering he is just shy of 200 years old, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Bernie is a super guy I worked in Vermont politics back in 2006 and observed that he always had a swarm of young people working for him, jazzed simply by his existence, energy and honest approach to policy.He has, in the past, self-identified as a democratic socialist, and in Vermont he has huge cross-party appeal. He is absolutely larger than life. And now he is calling for a mechanism to have Wall Street foot the bill for all college tuition. Simple. Straight forward. Unblemished. Offered without consideration for how big money might react. Beautifully executed on his part. In a piece posted on Policy Mic, Scott Bixby said the move was one that would capture the hearts and minds of millennials. I agree...." see full article

1337 days ago | cjr
Bernie Sanders can't win: Why the press loves to hate underdogs - Columbia Journalism Review
"...For the moment, though, even Sanders's gainsayers cannot ignore his early totals, and a few of their subsequent dispatches have been colored with something like respect. The Post's Philip Rucker, for example, said on his blog that Sanders might, after all, be able to raise the $50 million he needs to run a credible campaign. His first-day $1.5 million, Rucker wrote, was a surprisingly heavy haul for a candidate whom some in the Democratic chattering class have cast off as a gadfly and viewed as unable to wrest the nomination from the overwhelming favorite, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Rucker, himself a paragon of the reportorial chattering class, neglected to say that he had cast off the gadfly as a ranting hippie only the day before.Other chatterers, less charitable, have continued to say that money or no, Sanders is a non-starter because of his distance from the political center. They do not mention that distance from the center can be an asset in primaries (viz. Dukakis) or that political achievements believed to be impossible only yesterday a black man in the White House, a gay wedding in Utah can, under the right circumstances, become possible in a trice. Is the day of the IKEA socialist at hand? The chatterers don't know the answer. What they know is how to do their damnedest to ensure that day doesn't come too soon...." see full article

1338 days ago | politicususa
Bernie Sanders Drops A Truth Bomb On Wall St: Criminal Fraud Is The Big ... - PoliticusUSA
"...Sen. Sanders was correct. The big banks are an enterprise that is built on criminal fraud. Their greed is out of control, and the current punishments are severely lacking. The incentive to cheat and rig markets must be taken away.Sanders has introduced two pieces of legislation in the Senate. The first is a bill to break up the big banks. The second piece of legislation would pay for free tuition at public colleges and universities with a tax on Wall Street.Wall Street learned the wrong lesson from the Great Recession. The big banks learned only that their crimes won't be punished. Until the American people demand that the big banks are broken up, the rigging and illegal criminal fraud will continue...." see full article

1339 days ago | nytimes
Bernie Sanders Wants to Be President, but He's Already Facebook Royalty - New York Times

"...But somehow, Bernie Sanders, the 73-year-old senator from Vermont, has emerged as a king of social media early in the 2016 presidential campaign, amid a field of tech-savvy contenders...." see full article

1341 days ago | delawareonline
Is Bernie Sanders a socialist prophet? - The News Journal
"...Much of what Sanders champions is a slightly more social democratic version of the newly populist liberalism. He can make an even more helpful contribution by offering proposals to change our economic institutions in ways that re-socialize capitalism rolling back the power that major shareholders wield over corporations, creating labor rights for workers in the gig economy, making businesses more answerable to their workers and consumers...." see full article

1342 days ago | alternet
Bernie Sanders' Troubling History of Supporting US Military Violence Abroad - AlterNet
"...The attack on Kosovo is hardly the extent of Sanders' hawkishness. While it's true he voted against the Iraq War, he also voted in favor of authorizing funds for that war and the one in Afghanistan. More recently, he voted in favor of a $1 billion aid package for the coup government Ukraine and supported Israel's assault on Gaza. At a town hall meeting he admitted that Israel may have "overreacted", but blamed Hamas for the entire conflict. After a woman asked why he refused to condemn Israel's actions, he told critics: "Excuse me! Shut up! You don't have the microphone. ..." see full article

1344 days ago | cnn
Small talk and a picture: How Bernie Sanders 'bought' - CNN

"...The story of how Sanders, the newly minted presidential candidate, came to own exemplifies the kind of grassroots liberal support the independent senator enjoys. And the story of his acquisition contrasts vividly with domain name mistakes that have hurt other presidential candidates...." see full article

1351 days ago | salon
The socialist revolt that America forgot: A history lesson for Bernie Sanders - Salon

"...A Bernie Sanders challenge to Hillary Clinton in 2016 could well be that second chance...." see full article

1351 days ago | huffingtonpost
Bernie Sanders Is A Socialist And That's Not As Crazy As It Sounds - Huffington Post

"...Anything can happen in politics. But the last time an obscure lefty from Vermont ran for president, he didn't win a single primary or caucus outside of his home state and the District of Columbia. Sanders' campaign is likely to produce a similar result...." see full article

1358 days ago | nbcnews
ANALYSIS: Bernie Sanders Won't Win. But His Ideas Might. -

"...Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has almost no chance of winning the Democratic nomination, but he is likely to delight party activists as he takes unabashedly liberal stances and tries to push Hillary Clinton to adopt them...." see full article

1359 days ago | texasobserver
Can a Socialist Sway Texas Democrats? - The Texas Observer
"...As he talks, he has the feel of a radical giving it one last college try. But his reception in Austin was decidedly warm. In addition to small venues he spoke to a union hall he gave the keynote at one of the Travis County Democratic Party's main annual fundraisers. Outside, his communications director, a silver-haired former Chicago newspaperman who dimly recalls his last trip to Texas some decades ago, marvels at the previous day's turnout: He calls it a field of dreams moment...." see full article

1359 days ago | politico
Bernie Sanders brings liberal zeal in challenge to Hillary Clinton - Politico

"...His speeches aren't exactly soaring: they offer a gloomy vision of the country and feature little by way of the inspirational rhetoric that helped propel Barack Obama to the Democratic nomination in 2008; even so, he's a fiery speaker who can rile up a crowd, as he did last weekend at the South Carolina Democratic convention...." see full article

1359 days ago | huffingtonpost
Why Bernie Sanders' Long-Shot Run for the White House Helps Hillary - Huffington Post

"...Senator Sanders is a smart, progressive man who has been the left wing conscience of Congress for a generation. He also has as much chance of becoming President as I do of replacing Joe Girardi as the manager of the New York Yankees...." see full article

1360 days ago | huffingtonpost
Why Not Bernie? Iowa and New Hampshire Should Make a Statement and Vote ... - Huffington Post

"...In the minds of many Democrats, Hillary Clinton can easily defeat a GOP challenger for the 110 electoral votes in the 9 critical swing states. Someone like Bernie Sanders, many Democrats say, is too liberal or left-leaning for Americans in Ohio or Pennsylvania in 2016. ..." see full article

1360 days ago | forbes
Bernie Sanders: Swimming Against The Tide - Forbes
"...The cynic in me thinks the whole purpose of Sanders's bill is to make Obama's tax proposals appear more palatable to corporate America. That's classic Bernie calling it as he sees it and swimming against the tide of conventional thinking. I'm sure he wouldn't have it any other way...." see full article

1362 days ago | politicususa
Liberals Bernie Sanders and Al Franken Win As Comcast Drops Time Warner Bid - PoliticusUSA
"...This is a good day for the left, and a moment that cements that it is the liberal movement in this country who are the real defenders of consumers and free market competition...." see full article

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