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Does Ed Miliband Have What It Takes To Be UK PM?

According to polls Ed Miliband looks set to win the upcoming UK election. Does he have what it takes?

57% of writers and pundits say yes
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Does Ed Miliband Have What It Takes To Be UK PM?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Does Ed Miliband Have What It Takes To Be UK PM?"
last 24 hours | ft
Ed Miliband has never sounded more prime ministerial - Financial Times

"..."Ed Miliband has never sounded more prime ministerial."..." see full article

1403 days ago | haaretz
British Jews not rushing to vote for first Jewish PM - Haaretz
"..."Jewish voters feel Ed Miliband isn't one of them, and may not stand up for the community."..." see full article

1403 days ago | itv
Ed Miliband declares 'I am ready' to be PM at manifesto launch - ITV News
"..."Labour leader Ed Miliband has said he is ready to be Prime Minister as the party unveiled its election manifesto which included a pledge to cut the deficit every year."..." see full article

1403 days ago | theguardian
Who is Ed Miliband, the man who could be Britain's next prime minister? - The Guardian

"..."And after five years as leader of Britain's opposition, Miliband has begun, during this election campaign, to show a more human face. Asked whether he could stand up to Putin in a recent high-profile TV interview, Miliband replied with a John Wayne-style: Hell yes, I'm tough enough. "..." see full article

1406 days ago | itv
Tories: Miliband will 'stab the UK in the back to be PM' - ITV News
"..."Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said the Labour leader "stabbed his brother in the back" over the pair's 2010 leadership contest and would do the same to Britain to get into power."..." see full article

1407 days ago | dailymail.c
Tony Blair's election intervention backfires on Ed Miliband - Daily Mail

"..."Indeed, the real mystery is not Blair's Euro-fanaticism, nor even Miliband's, but the fact that both men still think of themselves as authentic heirs of the Labour tradition. A party that was founded to enfranchise and empower working people now refuses to ask their opinion. That's what Brussels does to you."..." see full article

1409 days ago | mirror.c
Ed Miliband exclusive: Labour leader talks candidly about Bedroom Tax, "hell ... -

"..." Trending General election 2015 Walter Scott shooting Live election debates Germanwings plane crash Andreas Lubitz Sport Technology Money Travel UsVsTh3m Home News UK News Politics Ed Miliband exclusive: Labour leader talks candidly about Bedroom Tax, "hell, yes" and Easter eggs 20:00, 4 April 2015 By Nigel Nelson When Sunday People political editor Nigel Nelson asked for interviews with Ed Miliband and David Cameron the Labour leader readily took his seat. But the PM had to be empty chaired. 1463 Shares Share Tweet +1 Ed Miliband does not mince his words. If I'm prime minister the Bedroom Tax is going to go. We're on the last mile to abolishing it. The Labour leader is appalled by new figures which show there are 200,000 children in households paying the cruel levy."..." see full article

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