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Does France Owe Haiti Reparations?

With Francois Hollande's first visit to Port-au-Prince, the argument for reparations stemming from taxes paid after Haiti's independence has returned. Do you think France should pay reparations?

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Does France Owe Haiti Reparations?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Does France Owe Haiti Reparations?"
last 24 hours | jamaica-gleaner
French debt cancellation is no victory for reparations - Jamaica Gleaner (subscription)
"...Look at the choice that the "victorious" Haitians got after their "victory". The Haitians could either pay France for recognition of the new Haitian state and be treated as a second-class nation deserving of little international respect and even less business dealings or they could have been proud in their military victory over the French, ignore the French demand and suffer with little international dealings. Sadly, the Haitians chose the former.How then can the French be obliged to pay the Haitians reparations for an agreement that the Haitians stupidly went into - all by themselves? The Haitian leaders at that time must have realised that recognition of their new nation would most likely not result in equal treatment. Yet they went ahead and paid the nothing that they had. In many ways, the Haitians are the authors of their own suffering today...." see full article

1365 days ago | wsws
Hollande, the Clintons and imperialism in Haiti - World Socialist Web Site
"...Like his American counterparts, Hollande is a purveyor of human rights imperialism, which he brought to the Caribbean last week. His stop in Haiti, the first official visit of a French head of state since the 1804 revolution, was an exercise in cynicism..." see full article

1368 days ago | theconversation
Hollande's 'moral' approach to slavery's legacy is nothing but symbolism - The Conversation UK
"...The French media has largely misrepresented these claims as merely the illegitimate demands of vengeful and Francophobic minority groups, rather than an attempt to chart a more egalitarian course for the future...." see full article

1371 days ago | antillean
Hollande faux pas renews debate over Haiti's independence debt - Antillean Media Group
"...France passed a 2001 law that formally characterized slavery and the sale of humans as crimes against humanity, acknowledging France's own historic involvement in the atrocious slave trade in the process. But while the French government cancelled Haiti's outstanding debt after the horrendous 2010 earthquake which then stood at US$81.2 million it has steadfastly resisted proposals for reparations to Haiti for years...." see full article

1372 days ago | csmonitor
France dismisses petition for it to pay $17 billion in Haiti reparations
"...Some 90 million was extorted by the French crown for losses in slaves and property and illegitimately forced a people who had won their independence in a successful slave revolt, to pay again for their freedom...." see full article

1373 days ago | news.vice
French Presidents Debt Comment in Haiti Reopens Old Wounds About Slave Trade
"...In 2010, a collective of scholars, artists and politicians including Noam Chomsky and green party politician Eva Joly sent an open letter to then president Sarkozy urging France to "reimburse" the "independence debt" paid out by Haiti as compensation to slaveholders for the loss of slaves and property. The money, they argued, would make up for a shameful injustice and help the country rebuild after the devastating earthquake...." see full article

1373 days ago | english.rf
Hollande in Haiti to trumpet trade and reconstruction as colonial past lingers
"...Indeed, Haiti paid for its independence with a debt sentence it paid off over about 75 years. Some critics blame the debt for the country's poverty, and call on France to pay reparations estimated between 15 and 20 billion euros. But Otele doubts Hollande will broach the subject...." see full article

1373 days ago | ndtv
Francois Hollande in Haiti to Promise Help From Resented France
"...Haiti paid what it could over the next century and is now the poorest country in the western hemisphere, suffering from corrupt local rule even before a devastating 2010 earthquake...." see full article

1373 days ago | ibtimes
Francois Hollande Evokes France's 'Debt' To Haiti, But Stops Short Of Reparations
"...Critics say the so-called independence ransom was illegal from its inception, since France had already outlawed slavery by the time it asked for compensation...." see full article

1373 days ago | breitbart
Confusion in Haiti as French President Mentions 'Moral,' but Not 'Financial ... - Breitbart News
"...But French leaders, like those of other former colonial powers, have consistently dismissed assertions that they needed to pay any kind of financial debt. With an eye on the old grievance, France cancelled all of Haiti's $77 million debt during Sarkozy's administration..." see full article

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