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Is Bill Walton Insane?

Bill Walton doesn't know what he's talking about. Is he out of his mind?

52% of writers and pundits say yes
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Is Bill Walton Insane?  

Arguments contributed by readers:

He sounds drunk or high when he speaks. No poise or relaxation in his conversation at all. He sounds SUPER HIGH!!!!
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last 24 hours | wgrd
Was Bill Walton Drunk Or On Drugs During This Basketball Game ...
"..."Why else would Walton say something like I have milked a cow before and I have been milked "..." see full article

1417 days ago | buzzfeed
13 Reasons Why Bill Walton Is The Craziest Announcer Alive
"..."The Hall of Fame hippie is calling Pac-12 games for ESPN this season, and that's a beautiful thing."..." see full article

1419 days ago | bleacherreport
Bill Walton's Reddit AMA Was Exactly as Gloriously Weird as You'd Imagine - Bleacher Report
"..."This is just a little taste of Walton's AMA session. I highly recommend giving it a deeper look (solar teepee recommendations are made). But until his next public appearance, we must sit and wait for Walton to crawl from his yurt and bless the world again with his cosmic philosophy on the give-and-take of healthy, team-driven milking."..." see full article

1420 days ago | bleacherreport
Bill Walton Tells Viewers He's Been Milked Like a Cow, Awkward ...
"..."Now, generally, an ounce of context does wonders in explaining weird, pulled quotes such as these. Not so much in Walton's case."..." see full article

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1421 days ago | collegehoopsdaily
Bill Walton On Digger Phelps "That guy's the Devil ...
"..."During Arizona's win last night over UCLA, Bill Walton went a little crazy..."..." see full article

1421 days ago | sbnation
Bill Walton talked about Bob Dylan on air for 3 whole minutes of a ...
"..."Bill Walton's announcing style is wonderful and unique, characterized by obscure references and wild tangents on whatever it is he is thinking about. Wednesday night was perhaps his masterpiece, as the child of the 60's and 70's spent over three minutes during a reasonably close UCLA-USC affair to discuss Bob Dylan's life and career. It wasn't like Walton did this off the cuff. The ESPN crew had prepared graphics."..." see full article

1422 days ago | ftw.usatoday
Bill Walton talked Bob Dylan and Grateful Dead for 3 minutes during ...
"..."This was Walton at his finest, talking about what he knows best while getting minor points wrong that are of little importance because it's not the specifics, it's the big picture, man. (For instance, the new album is Shadows IN The night not Shadows OF the night and the beautiful final song is THAT Lucky Old Sun, not THE Lucky Old Sun.)"..." see full article

1423 days ago | brobible
Bill Walton Was On ESPN Again, This Time Ranting About Bob ...
"..."The show Walton is referencing is a February 12th Dylan/Dead show, which were notorious trainwrecks featuring a very drunk Bob Dylan who had no interest in being there. Still, Walton's rant is fantastic."..." see full article

1425 days ago | oregonlive
Yes, Bill Walton knows Dwayne Benjamin's name is not Snoop Dogg: Oregon ... -
"..."Obviously, there's a bit more to the relationship that what is broadcast through the media. Benjamin said Walton has talked with him a few times, telling him he's more than a fan of his hair. He likes his game. And yes, for those asking, Walton does know Benjamin's actual name."..." see full article

1427 days ago | bleacherreport
Bill Walton Muses on Flagrant Fouls, World Peace and Volcanoes ...
"..."For those who haven't been keeping up with the latest in dairy innovation or neo-shamanism, Walton is having himself a season to remember."..." see full article

1428 days ago | durangoherald
The Durango Herald 09/03/2014 | The life lessons of Bill Walton
"..."There was one lesson Walton wanted to make sure set in before breaking up a group question-and-answer session. He said his entire trip to Durango is about inspiring hope, but the biggest thing people can have hope in is themselves."..." see full article

1429 days ago | breitbart
Bill WAlton Talks Evolution - Breitbart
"... Bill is in a giving mood tonight. He's the urban philosopher. You can learn a lot. ..." see full article

1430 days ago | huffingtonpost
Bill Walton Went On An On-Air Rant Against The War On Drugs: 'An ...

"..."Bill Walton is a basketball legend. He's also known for supporting the general concept of marijuana. And on Wednesday, he did that once more. While calling a Washington-Oregon college basketball game, Walton took up the topic of Robert Upshaw, a center for Washington who was recently dismissed from the basketball program. Upshaw reportedly failed a drug test while at the school, but the official reason for the dismissal remains unknown."..." see full article

1431 days ago | sbnation
Bill Walton is wearing tie-dye and doing weird things with the Oregon Duck - SB Nation
"...So basically, just another normal evening for him...." see full article

1432 days ago | sportsgrid
Bill Walton Talks About Being Milked On-Air | SportsGrid
"..."There is no escaping this one: Bill Walton is saying he's had fluid extracted from his nipples."..." see full article

1432 days ago | dailycaller
Bill Walton Is A Beautiful, Soaring Phoenix | The Daily Caller
"..."Bill Walton is basketball's irreverent mystic. One part NBA Hall of Famer and two parts spiritual medicine man, Walton is like a strong acid trip at a Dead concert in the physical embodiment of the best passing big man in history."..." see full article

1433 days ago | huffingtonpost
What The Hell Is Bill Walton Talking About?

"...What The Hell Is Bill Walton Talking About?..." see full article

1434 days ago | bleacherreport
Bill Walton Muses on Flagrant Fouls, World Peace and Volcanoes During ... - Bleacher Report
"...There goes Bill Walton, finger-painting frescoes of the universe on the inner walls of your subconscious again...." see full article

1434 days ago | sbnation
We have literally no idea what Bill Walton is talking about - SB Nation
"...Former Trail Blazer Bill Walton is rapidly becoming the Werner Herzog of basketball commentary. Between talking about milking and being milked, his strong opinions about American drug policy and his insistence on calling players by nicknames that don't really make a lot of sense, Walton has provided some of the biggest "Wait -- what?" moments in college basketball. But this one might take the cake...." see full article

1434 days ago | wweek
VIDEO: Bill Walton Explains During a Ducks Game Why President ...
"..."This is simply the way that Bill Walton would like to talk to you, and so he does it. There is no sense that it has ever or would ever occur to him to do otherwise."..." see full article

1436 days ago | brobible
Famed Deadhead Bill Walton Says He Hasn't Taken An Indoor ...
"..."For example, did you know that he's lived in Arizona for 35 years and he's never taken an indoor shower?"..." see full article

1444 days ago | si
Love him or hate him, Bill Walton stands out as an ESPN commentator -
"...In a small, glass-windowed conference room, 13 students crowd around Walton as he starts to speak, telling the story of how he became a storyteller. Walton loves stories, loves learning, loves telling stories about all he's learned. He's full of completely useless, interesting, random facts and can babble on about them for hours. (Who else knows that Michelangelo died on this day in 1564 in Rome, Italy?) He'd be a terrific candidate for Who Wants to be a Millionaire's phone-a-friend lifeline because he's knowledgeable about so many topics. He'd also probably go off on a soliloquy and the timer would buzz before he got to the answer you needed, but think about how much you'd learn in those 30 seconds! If it weren't for mandated TV timeouts every four minutes and various commercial breaks, Walton could fill an entire two-hour game broadcast all by himself. And he'd have plenty of information left over...." see full article

1448 days ago | billwalton
On Bill Walton, Gilbert Arenas and his hopes for a football career.
"..."I have every confidence that when a basketball fan's time on Earth ends, he/she will ascend to The Big Game In The Sky and find out that Bill Walton sits at the center of the basketball universe, stringing together occurrences with perfect amounts of irony and big man-centric justice."..." see full article

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