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Is Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act Fair?

Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act allow's businesses to deny rights to members of the LGBT community. Is this a fair law?

67% of writers and pundits say no
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Is Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act Fair?  

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last 24 hours | huffingtonpost
Indiana Pence and the Dumb State Death Spiral - Huffington Post

"...Indiana's new anti-LGBT law is so offensive it may cause talented young workers who drive economic growth to flee the state for more welcoming, diverse environments. ..." see full article

1382 days ago | nationalreview
The Controversy in Indiana Is Trumped Up

"...The federal Restoration of Freedom Act was an unfortunate response to a Supreme Court decision. ..." see full article

1384 days ago | thedailybeast
Next, We Muslims Bring Sharia to Indiana

"...I'm sure the conservatives who passed Indiana's SB 101, especially the three despicable anti-gay bigots who stood behind Pence cheering him on when he signed this law,..." see full article

1386 days ago | msnbc
Indiana's Pence only partially resolves discrimination fight - MSNBC

"...But in this case, that's arguably a shame, not because there's value in belaboring the point, but because the fix in Indiana is not a genuine resolution...." see full article

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1386 days ago | nytimes
Religion Laws Quickly Fall Into Retreat in Indiana and Arkansas

"... Twenty years from now, this Final Four weekend as well as the special religious celebrations for many in our community will likely be a sweet memory, ..." see full article

1386 days ago | eater
What Indiana's Shifting 'Religious Freedom' Law Really Means for LGBT Diners - Eater
"...The law is couched in terms of religious protection; it restricts the ability of the state and its municipalities to burden the "exercise of religion." ..." see full article

1386 days ago | breitbart
Professor: Indiana RFRA 'Fix' Could Send Christians to Jail - Breitbart News
"...According to law professor Mark Rienzi, the new fix will allow the state to prosecute Christians criminally for denying gay weddings their professional affirmation...." see full article

1386 days ago | cnn
Pence signs 'fix' for religious freedom law - CNN

"...but in doing so Pence and lawmakers infuriated social conservative activists and set the stage for a bigger fight next year over expanding Indiana's anti-discrimination law to cover gays and lesbians...." see full article

1386 days ago | huffingtonpost
Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Furious' Over GOP Support For Indiana Religious ... - Huffington Post

"...Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) says Indiana's controversial religious freedom law was a major political misstep for the Republican Party...." see full article

1386 days ago | nationalreview
Freedom of Association Is Burned at the Stake... - National Review Online

"...The only identifiable victim of Indiana's new Religious Freedom Restoration Act is the First Amendment's Freedom of Association clause. Like Joan of Arc, it has been burned at the stake. ..." see full article

1387 days ago | hrc
Indiana Governor Pence Signs Measure Limiting Damage of RFRA, but LGBT ... - Human Rights Campaign (blog)
"...The measure fails to explicitly ensure that the RFRA won't be used to undermine the full scope of Indiana existing non-discrimination laws, and does not add LGBT non-discrimination protections to the state's civil rights laws...." see full article

1387 days ago | thedailybeast
George Takei: Indiana, Let Us Eat Cake - Daily Beast

"...Why would a state like Indiana want to arm its citizens with the power to discriminate, to refuse to make that cake, especially after federal law held that LGBT couples' vows are equally worthy of respect and protection? ..." see full article

1387 days ago | money.cnn
Salesforce CEO: We're helping employees move out of Indiana - CNNMoney

"..."I just got an email on the way to studio from another employee who said, 'look I don't feel comfortable living in this state anymore, you have to move me out,' and I gave him a $50,000 relocation package and said, 'great, you're clear to go.' "..." see full article

1387 days ago | cnn
Five things you haven't considered about Indiana's religious freedom law - CNN

"...The key difference in the Indiana law is that it expands the instances where someone can use religious freedom as a defense...." see full article

1387 days ago | time
How Gay Rights Won in Indiana - TIME
"...Liberal activists and big business joined forces and humbled a governor..." see full article

1387 days ago | talkingpointsmemo
Tucker Carlson: Critics Of Indiana's Anti-Gay Law Are 'Jihadis'

"..."These are absolutists. These are jihadis," he said. "These are people who want to make you obey," he continued. "They don't brook any opposition to their worldview at all. They will crush you."'..." see full article

1388 days ago | chicagotribune
Indiana needlessly embarrasses state while endangering business climate - Chicago Tribune

"...In sports and beyond, too much is at stake for any state to open the door even a crack to government-sponsored discrimination. It's a dangerous precedent. The roads aren't the only things that can be narrow in some rural parts of Indiana. ..." see full article

1388 days ago | washingtonpost
Arkansas lawmakers approve religious liberty bill despite firestorm over ... - Washington Post

"...Amid intense criticism of Indiana's religious liberties law, which has prompted lawmakers in that state to vow to fix the legislation, another state charged ahead with a similar measure...." see full article

1388 days ago | politico
Indiana law backs GOP hopefuls into a corner - Politico

"...The Indiana governor's religious freedom law has ignited yet another controversial culture war debate that has Republican contenders juggling awkward questions about issues they would just as soon not touch. ..." see full article

1388 days ago | nytimes
Silicon Valley Leaders, New to Social Issues, Come Together Over Indiana Law - New York Times

"...The technology industry's leaders have found their collective voice on a social issue in the last week, rallying with great intensity against a new Indiana law that will allow businesses, they predict, to discriminate against gay couples...." see full article

1388 days ago | nydailynews
Cuomo, de Blasio ban government-funded travel to Indiana - New York Daily News

"...Meanwhile, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Carlo Scissura, the president of the borough's Chamber of Commerce, also chimed in, offering businesses that relocate from ?Indianapolis in protest free chamber membership...." see full article

1388 days ago | salon
Stephen King slams Indiana's anti-gay "religious freedom" law in the best way possible

"...there's ample reason to be skeptical that the law will not be wielded by religious conservatives to justify anti-LGBT discrimination. While the law provides discriminators with a compelling legal defense, LGBT Hoosiers have no recourse of their own, as Indiana lacks a law banning anti-LGBT discrimination...." see full article

1388 days ago | salon
The right's Indiana debacle: How their ignorance about discrimination backfired

"...The Indiana law is an attempt to grant that belief the status of religious conviction. With Tuesday's clarification, Pence has made that already-doomed effort even less likely to succeed...." see full article

1388 days ago | huffingtonpost
Joe Scarborough Defends Indiana Business Owners Over Anti-Gay Bill

"...Scarborough said that while he would not discriminate against an LGBT person, he cannot pass judgment on a small-town florist with ingrained religious views who does not want to service a gay couple's wedding...." see full article

1388 days ago | newyorker
Why a GOP Gambit Backfired in Indiana - The New Yorker

"...The Indiana law is the product of a G.O.P. search for a respectable way to oppose same-sex marriage and to rally the base around it...." see full article

1388 days ago | motherjones
Backer of Indiana Law Says "It's Impossible to Satisfy the Homosexual Lobby" - Mother Jones

"...Gov. Mike Pence may now be trying to play down criticism the law discriminates against gay people, support from people like Fischer make it difficult to make such an argument...." see full article

1388 days ago | nationalreview
Freedom of Association Is Burned at the Stake... - National Review Online

"...Are we prepared to handcuff a feminist photographer who won't take pictures at a strip club? ..." see full article

1388 days ago | newsbusters
Chris Matthews: Indiana Nuns with Pence at RFRA Signing 'Opposed to Gay ... - NewsBusters (blog)
"...Leave it to Chris Matthews, during Holy Week no less, to slander Catholic nuns as anti-gay bigots rather than as pious religious women interested in protecting religious liberty of all Indianans, Catholic and otherwise. ..." see full article

1388 days ago | thehill
Markos Moulitsas: Lessons from Indiana

"...It's unfortunate that it has taken this to bring Indiana kicking and screaming into the 21st century, but if Montana and Georgia are any indication, it has become a teachable moment for reprobate Republicans all over the country. And we can definitely call that progress. ..." see full article

1389 days ago | nytimes
In Indiana, Using Religion as a Cover for Bigotry

"...But nobody is fooled as to the law's underlying purpose. As its most prominent backers have said quite clearly, it is meant to protect Christian businesses and churches from those supporting homosexual marriages. ..." see full article

1389 days ago | huffingtonpost
Keith Olbermann: 'The Final Four Must Be Moved Out Of Indianapolis'

"...In a blistering 12-minute segment Monday, the gregarious Keith Olbermann called on all major sports organizations in Indiana to cut ties with the state until its controversial "religious freedom" law is no longer law...." see full article

1389 days ago | americablog
"Moderate" GOPer Jeb Bush: Indiana straights-only law is "the right ...
"...Well, the facts are established. Unlike the federal RFRA, and unlike other states with religious freedom laws, Indiana's RFRA opens the door for all kinds of discrimination...." see full article

1389 days ago | politico
Mike Pence reaps the whirlwind - Politico

"...Indiana's Republican governor has become the left's favorite punching bag after passing a Religious Freedom Restoration Act last Thursday at a ceremony featuring a number of conservative religious leaders. ..." see full article

1389 days ago | realclearpolitics
Stand Up for Indiana!

"...Isn't the First Amendment supposed to protect this right? Whatever became of the conservatives' Free Society?..." see full article

1389 days ago | realclearpolitics
In Defense of Indiana

"...But the mere possibility that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act might protect a baker opposed to gay marriage is enough to create a furious, unhinged reaction...." see full article

1389 days ago | dailykos
Union cancels Indiana conference over 'un-American' discrimination law

"...Who knew it turns out there's a cost for legalizing discrimination, as Indiana is finding out. ..." see full article

1390 days ago | nationalreview
Is Indiana Protecting Discrimination? - National Review

"...Rather, the moral outrage and proposed boycotts over Indiana's law reflect an inexcusable failure to put into context how these laws have developed over the last two decades. ..." see full article

1390 days ago | salon
Indiana's Mike Pence is starting to look like Lester Maddox — without the spine

"...Pence can try to convince the country that tolerance is a two-way street and Hoosiers don't believe in discrimination. But it doesn't appear to be working...." see full article

1390 days ago | salon
GOP's "religious freedom" riot: How a bigoted Indiana law could roil GOP primary - Salon

"...but the cause is being championed by conservatives in state governments who have moved to pass laws protecting discrimination against gays as an expression of religious freedom...." see full article

1393 days ago | vox
Indiana's religious freedom law shows the new frontier in the battle ...

"...The law's passage is part of a broader movement across the country: as marriage equality continues its spread from coast to coast, LGBT advocates and opponents are pushing conflicting agendas that could have a major impact on the rights of LGBT residents...." see full article

1394 days ago |
NCAA's response to Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' law is perfect
"...The tide has turned. The young and more enlightened are rising up, which is why laws like this won't last 10 years; maybe not even five. This is the last gasp of open discrimination...." see full article

1394 days ago | americanprogress
Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act Is Bad for Business ...
"...While discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, individuals was legal in most of Indiana before, this new law effectively nullifies existing municipal LGBT nondiscrimination protections in places such as Indianapolis...." see full article

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