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Is Rick Perry's Campaign Over?

After a poor showing at the mini Republican Debate, and with his numbers not improving, many wonder whether Rick Perry should bow out of the Presidential race. Is Rick Perry's campaign over?

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Is Rick Perry's Campaign Over?  

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last 24 hours | chicagotribune
Does Rick Perry have an exit plan? - Chicago Tribune

"...And it's always possible to find examples of candidates given up for dead who then rallied. Perry's campaign is talking about John McCain's implosion and revival in the 2008 cycle and Rick Santorum's out-of-nowhere Iowa surge in 2012.If Perry continues on until Iowa and if other candidates such as Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie also stay in it will be an indication that traditional winnowing of candidates might be in trouble. More likely? One or more of them will be long gone by New Year's Day, and the process will work as it has for decades meaning the parties will choose their nominees...." see full article

1254 days ago | businessinsider
Rick Perry's comeback bid is already facing major trouble

"...But Trump took center stage at last week's debate, while Perry failed to make the top 10 in opinion polls needed to make the televised event's stage. Instead, he and other low-polling candidates unveiled their policy positions at a forum ahead of the prime-time event.There Perry vowed to boost U.S. economic growth, secure the southern U.S. border with Mexico and tear up a nuclear agreement with Iran.Perry has also had to grapple with charges against him in an abuse-of-power case stemming from his time as governor...." see full article

1256 days ago | spectator
"...So, obviously, closing the door on a single state doesn't a total collapse make. But pulling staff out of a key first primary state, this far out of the first round - it means something is, at least, seriously wrong. Rick Perry did not fare particularly well in last week's debates, though he had been working on lowering expectations earlier in the week. And now, as other Texans have emerged as front runners - specifically Ted Cruz, who also seems to be the heir apparent to The Donald's grassroots fortune, once Trump tires of this game - much of Perry's funding has dried up, and as a result, he's having to focus what few resources he has on states other than South Carolina. ..." see full article

1256 days ago | washingtonexaminer
Rick Perry and the shortage of second acts in politics
"...But for Perry, the worst break of this cycle has been missing out on the main presidential debate. In 11th place, he just missed the cut and looked like he was going to be on the stage until a late rally by John Kasich forced him into the "happy hour" debate. That earlier candidates' forum was a lackluster affair, thoroughly dominated by Carly Fiorina, and Perry was denied a potentially huge publicity-generating opportunity to challenge Donald Trump directly.Perry has two remaining cards to play. First, while he has been among the Republican critics of recent Supreme Court decisions, he should be thankful for their Citizens United decision. His super PACs still have money and aren't handcuffed by the same contribution limits as his campaign. Super PACs kept Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum in the running in 2012 long after they would have normally had to close up shop...." see full article

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1256 days ago | washingtonpost
Is this the end for Rick Perry?

"...If this is the end -- and Perry's super PAC support could well keep him on life support for a bit longer -- it would be a remarkable bit of timing: Perry entered the 2012 presidential race as its frontrunner on August 13, 2011 -- almost four years to the day when it's become clear that his second bid for the presidency has faltered badly.For Perry, that four year period speaks to just how important timing -- and performing -- are on the presidential level. And how fickle the public can be.At this time in 2011, Perry was the talk of the political world. He had yet to enter the race -- he did so on the day of the now-deceased Iowa Straw Poll --  but polling suggested he was widely regarded by voters as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney that they had been shopping for...." see full article

1256 days ago | npr
Rick Perry's Campaign: We're Not Dead Yet

"...But Perry loyalists argue that Perry, who was at the time the country's longest-serving governor, should not be counted out just yet. Perry campaign manager Jeff Miller confirmed to NPR that the campaign's payroll had been cut off but dismissed the speculation that the campaign was about to flatline. The Washington Post first reported the news. Many aides have kept working for Perry, even on an unpaid basis."As the campaign moves along, tough decisions have to be made in respect to both monetary and time related resources," Miller said in a statement. "Governor Perry remains committed to competing in the early states and will continue to have a strong presence in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.'..." see full article

1256 days ago | dallasmorningviewsblog.dallasn
Why is Rick Perrys campaign flaming out so quickly?
"...Even all that might not have been enough to completely derail Perry's bid. There was still life in his campaign until he got on stage with the likes of Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum. Where they easily answered questions and fended off blows during the late-afternoon, second-tier debate, Perry seemed to flail every time he opened his mouth, as if he were so desperate to score points, he wanted to blurt out all of his well-practiced answers at once.What the public saw was a guy who didn't really seem in control of his own mouth. Asked in his opening question why Americans should give him another look, he gushed forth with a list of economic statistics from Texas, then closed with: I will assure you, as the governor of the state of Texas, and as those last four years have shown me, the preparation to be ready to stand on this stage and talk about those monetary policies, those domestic policies, and those foreign policies, Americans are going to see that I am ready to be that individual. ..." see full article

1256 days ago | powerlineblog
"...If Perry bows out early again, this time it will not be due to debate performance, but rather, arguably, to debate process. His failure to make the cut for the prime time debate surely has contributed to his fundraising woes. And, as suggested above, his quest to make the cut may have induced more early spending than he anticipated.Perry entered the debates as number 11 in the polls. Thanks to Carly Fiorina's performance, and good to excellent performances by most of the prime time contestants, he may now rank lower than that. Too bad. Perry ranks well up my top 10 list...." see full article

1256 days ago | nymag
No White House for You, Rick Perry
"...There is a hardy saying in American politics: Campaigns don't end, they run out of money. Rick Perry's campaign has run out of money and can no longer pay its staff, who have been freed up to find work elsewhere. Part of the ending/running-out-of-money ritual requires an official spokesperson to bravely deny the obvious, the job of which has fallen to Katon Dawson, Perry's South Carolina state director. Dawson tells National Journal that the lack of pay will not stop them because We'll be able to live off the land for a while.  In fact, living off the land is what an invading army does in enemy territory when supplies are unavailable, seizing crops from the local farmers to feed its troops. That is not, you know, legal, nor does it offer a promising model for a presidential campaign, unless Perry's plan is to transition into a literal guerilla campaign. And, yes, Perry has previously declared sympathy for secession, but at the moment he lacks the insurrectionary support needed to carry out a policy of mass agricultural expropriation...." see full article

1256 days ago | nationaljournal
Rick Perry's Financial Implosion
"...The shockingly early financial implosion (four years ago, Perry hadn't even announced his 2012 candidacy yet) is a potentially crippling blow for a candidate who, despite energetically campaigning in Iowa and elsewhere on the political circuit, has found little traction in the polls."We'll be able to live off the land for a while," predicted Katon Dawson, Perry's South Carolina state director.But while his official campaign has been reduced to a volunteer operation, a trio of independent pro-Perry super PACs remain well-heeled, making it less likely Perry will be forced to exit the race entirely."Oh God, yes, full steam ahead," said Austin Barbour, a senior adviser to Perry's super PACs. "Because we raised $16.8 million."The remarkable imbalance between the cash-strapped campaign and the flush super PAC will likely test the limits, already being pushed by other underfunded candidates, of how much responsibility can be pushed off onto unlimited-money outside groups...." see full article

1256 days ago | nationaljournal
Rick Perry Stops Paying South Carolina Staff
"...Perry has struggled in his repeat bid for president in 2016. He raised a meager $1.1 million in the second quarter, and his campaign will depend almost entirely on his far-better-funded super PAC. Notably, Perry also missed the main debate stage last week, despite a weeks-long push of television ads by his super PAC in Iowa."Nothing has changed with South Carolina as far as the mission at hand of helping the governor become the nominee of the party," Dawson insisted. "Nothing has changed."Perry is scheduled to visit South Carolina on Thursday, Dawson said, and he is still planning a full slate of events both this week and later in August."As the campaign moves along, tough decisions have to be made in respect to both monetary- and time-related resources," said Jeff Miller, Perry's campaign manager, in an email. "Governor Perry remains committed to competing in the early states and will continue to have a strong presence in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The governor is also looking forward to his trips to South Carolina this Thursday and to Iowa next week."..." see full article

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