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Is The Movie "Aloha" A Symbol Of Whitewashing In Hollywood?

In Cameron Crowe's "Aloha", Asian lead character Allison Ng is played by Emma Stone, a white actress. Is this miscasting a sign of white privilege in Hollywood?

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Is The Movie "Aloha" A Symbol Of Whitewashing In Hollywood?  

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last 24 hours | jezebel
Aloha's Backlash Has Hollywood Paranoid About Racist Castings - Jezebel
"...Emma Stone's Aloha role caused so much controversy that (some) Hollywood execs are reportedly rethinking their silly decisions to cast white actors as every type of ethnicity.According to this article in The Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood is on alert for potential offensive castings. Besides our own post about Aloha's Asian erasure, groups like the Media Action Network for Asian Americans also criticized the movie's rabid whitewashing...." see full article

1343 days ago | thesource
Cameron Crowe Apologizes and Explains Casting Emma Stone in 'Aloha' - The Source
"...In his explanation Crowe wrote, I have heard your words and your disappointment, and I offer you a heart-felt apology to all who felt this was an odd or misguided casting choice Captain Allison Ng was written to be a super-proud Hawaiian who was frustrated that, by all outward appearances, she looked nothing like one extremely proud of her unlikely heritage, she feels personally compelled to over-explain every chance she gets based on a real-life, red-headed local who did just that. Although Crowe's explanation adequately defended his casting choice, it's still indicative of the larger problem in Hollywood and its lack of diversity, especially in leading roles for females...." see full article

1346 days ago | bbc
Crowe's 'whitewashing' sparks criticism from advocates - BBC News
"...And so Hollywood casts famous white actors to attract the crowds, such as George Clooney who played Hawaiian lawyer in The Descendants, or director Ridley Scott who said he chose Christian Bale to play Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings to get his movie financed. But even if this strategy is profitable, Nakamura said that white actors playing Asian roles are not convincing, effectively breaking the movie's "fourth wall".It's not only odd, Aoki said, it's also insulting to Asian actors, who struggle to find roles in a predominately white Hollywood."A white actor does not need to play an Asian person to survive in this industry," Aoki said...." see full article

1348 days ago | thedailybeast
Cameron Crowe's Asian Emma Stone Apology - Daily Beast

"...Aloha's issues don't just lie in the tone-deaf casting of one character. They're also in the writing of said character. The exploitation of an exotic culture as set dressing. The failure of multiple parties around Crowe stars, producers, studio suits side-eyeing the film from their boardrooms and test screenings who didn't see any of the above as problematic, or say so long before the shit hit the fan...." see full article

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1351 days ago | thestar
Cameron Crowe apologizes for whitewashed Emma Stone casting - Toronto Star
"...The practice of whitewashing characters has certainly received attention in recent years, whether it be outcry over casting Rooney Mara to play Tiger Lily in the upcoming Pan, Johnny Depp as Tonto in a remake of The Lone Ranger, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Griselda Blanco in the coming production of The Godmother, or most recently, Adam Sandler in redface on the set of The Ridiculous Six.So, was this simply a case of it's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission ? Well, no. In the apology Crowe posted on his website Tuesday night, it appears that Stone was a deliberate choice:..." see full article

or articles over time
1351 days ago | npr
Here's What People Are Saying About Racial Weirdness in 'Aloha'

"...But in order to process this idea of Stone as a bi-racial character, as someone whose genetic lineage can be traced back to the Middle Kingdom by way of Polynesia, you must first get past the obvious stumbling blocks: her alabaster skin and strawberry blond hair, her emerald eyes and freckles past the star's outwardly unassailable #Caucasity if only because the movie hammers home her cultural other-ness in just about every other scene...." see full article

1352 days ago | refinery29
Why Was Emma Stone Cast To Play A Multiracial Character In Aloha? 
"...Emma Stone is many wonderful things. She's an incredibly talented, Academy Award-nominated actress. She's a Broadway star, and a very smart cookie. She is not, however, Asian American a fact which didn't stop director Cameron Crowe from casting her as a person of Chinese-Hawaiian-Swedish descent in Aloha.Lee isn't making a case against Stone's entitlement to the role based on the credits of her craft quite the opposite, in fact. He readily speaks about her onscreen skills and accolades, and it's clear from the tone of the piece that his gripe has nothing to do with Stone and everything to do with the way Hollywood represents non-white faces. ..." see full article

1352 days ago | slate
Waimanalo Blues

"...Making matters far worse is the fact that Ng supposedly has native Hawaiian ancestry. I am a quarter Hawaiian, a chirpy Stone informs a wary Cooper, adding: Ho`olaule`a. She pronounces that Hawaiian word, which means celebration, with the awkward care of someone who just spent 20 minutes repeating it to her dialect coach. Besides which, why on earth would Ng just randomly say that? (I'm picturing Stone in some other movie, declaring: I am part Cajun. Bonnaroo! )Throughout the film, Ng serves as a docent of Hawaiian terms and beliefs, though Stone never sells the idea that she has a passing familiarity with them. And so it happens that the truest portrayal of a native Hawaiian ever seen in a mainstream film (Kanahele) coexists with one of the most glaringly false (Stone). Hawaiian spirituality and myth are presented as child's play, by way of a wide-eyed little boy, and when Ng is compelled to address the subject, she becomes childlike, too. There's a supernatural sighting of night marchers, the ghosts of Hawaiian warriors treated about as gravely as the Brady Bunch tiki curse and a scene in which Stone gingerly says the word menehune, and explains that it means like, Hawaiian leprechauns. Cooper's reply: Or chipmunks! Or something! They both giggle cutely...." see full article

1352 days ago | thedailybeast
The Unbearable Whiteness of Cameron Crowes Aloha: A Hawaii-Set Film Starring Asian Emma Stone

"...Crowe might've even gotten away with it if he'd cast any of his supporting characters with minorities, more accurately repping the ethnic makeup of the islands. Instead, his love letter to Hawaii feels about as authentic as a mainlander's #TBT to that one exotic Oahu vacay years ago, sipping Mai Tais on the beach at sunset while watching the hula show.And yet Crowe injects Aloha with a brief taste of local cultural concerns when Hawaiian nationalist activist and King Kamehameha descendant Dennis Bumpy Kanahele shows up playing himself, giving voice to the frustrations of Native Hawaiians who see American rule as an unwelcome imposition. Americans took the land away from its rightful owners long ago, he says with friendly reserve, resisting Gilcrest's offer to get in bed with the U.S. government. But everyone has a price, Gilcrest tells Ng. ..." see full article

1352 days ago | refinery29
Why Was Emma Stone Cast To Play A Multiracial Character In Aloha? (Update) - Refinery29
"...But, he also makes an excellent point about why it was necessary to set Stone up to pass as a multiethnic character at all. Why turn her whiteness into something it isn't instead of just casting an actor whose heritage better fits the part in the first place? Olivia Munn, for example, as Lee points out, actually is an Asian American actress: She's certainly not the only potential star who could have fit the ethnic bill and carried the film, either. Yet, audiences are asked to imagine and accept Stone as a biracial character, in spite of her undeniable whiteness. There isn't a simple answer to why Hollywood casting directors choose white actors to take on roles that call for diverse heritage. It's a tricky topic that pops the lid on Pandora's Box of ethnic politics and underlying racial prejudice in pop culture but a worthy line of question, particularly as the makeup of America becomes less homogeneous with each passing generation. ..." see full article

1352 days ago | themuse.jezebel
Emma Stone Playing a Half-Asian Character in Aloha: Literally Why - Jezebel
"...As you may know, Emma Stone plays a character named Allison Ng in the new Cameron Crowe movie Aloha. Her character, who's supposed to be a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese, is meaningfully non-white within the framework of the story; according to Entertainment Weekly, she's a Hula dancing expert with a functional knowledge of Hawaiian folk guitar who rhapsodizes about the islander spiritual energy mana when she isn't attempting to save the archipelago from a creeping military-industrial complex. Isn't it so cool when a former white savior character gets to show her range by being a mystically exotic non-white savior character too?..." see full article

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