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Is The Republican Party Imploding?

With the inability to elect a speaker, and the issues surrounding the Benghazi and Planned Parenthood investigation, many are questioning the health of the Republican Party. Going into the 2016 presidential election, is the GOP doomed?

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Is The Republican Party Imploding?  

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last 24 hours | businessinsider
The Republican Party has now entered an 'historic state of chaos' - Business Insider

"...And signs point to even more turmoil within the caucus and more trouble on the legislative front, as a number of cliffs and deadlines approach. The establishment is reeling. The "hell no" caucus is perhaps stronger than ever. And they can feel it."What we're seeing," Brandon said, "is a fundamental change in how our country moves forward."McCarthy's decision to drop out was spearheaded by the House Freedom Caucus, a group of 40-plus conservative Republicans who have grown increasingly influential as they have bucked House leadership. The Freedom Caucus, which is ideologically aligned with groups like FreedomWorks, would not commit to backing McCarthy in a floor vote, meaning he did not have the necessary 218-vote support to become speaker...." see full article

1223 days ago | motherjones
Have You Ever Thought About the Republican Party? I Mean, Really Thought About It? - Mother Jones

"...As much as we've talked about it, I wonder if we've really gotten our heads around the fact that Paul Ryan is literally being begged to be the leader of the Republican Party. He is Literally. Being. Begged. To be the leader of one of America's two major parties! And he doesn't want it, no how, no way. Because he knows there's a substantial faction of his party that's insane. And who would know better?..." see full article

1223 days ago | esquire
Why Democrats Bear Some Responsibility for the Republican Party's Madness - (blog)
"...On issues with which he is not familiar, Ryan's performance as the 2012 vice-presidential candidate was quite literally laughable.The Democratic members of the House should do anything they can within the rules of the House, and anything they can outside of the chamber, to monkeywrench any attempt to put Paul Ryan anywhere near more power than he has now. Not only is this good politics "Success to our cause and confusion to our adversaries!" it's also good for the country, that has no need to see more influence drain to the likes of Paul Ryan, who was an early victim, and who remains a primary carrier, of the original prion disease. It's time for a rigid quarantine, before the government of this republic gets more ill than it already is. ..." see full article

1224 days ago | nytimes
Kevin McCarthy's Bid for Speaker Will Fall Short, Jason Chaffetz Says - New York Times

"...But he is facing challenges from his Republican colleagues on two fronts. Many were sharply critical of his suggestion last week that a congressional committee investigating the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012 was politically motivated. And some lawmakers on the far right are not convinced that Mr. McCarthy would be enough of a change from Mr. Boehner.Mr. McCarthy has been part of the majority leadership slate since Republicans took over the House in 2011...." see full article

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1228 days ago | huffingtonpost
Jason Chaffetz Announces Run For House Speaker

"...But Chaffetz's bid reflects long-simmering skepticism of McCarthy among conservative House members, who believe he will continue outgoing Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) approach, which they argue is too accommodating to the president."The American public wants to see a change," he said. "They want a fresh start. There is a reason why we see this phenomenon across the country. You don't just give an automatic promotion to the existing leadership. That doesn't signal change."..." see full article

1229 days ago | washingtonpost
Rep. Jason Chaffetz launches bid for House speaker, shaking up GOP leadership race

"...But McCarthy retains considerable advantages ahead of the closed-door GOP leadership elections set for Thursday. He enjoys a week's head start in building support, a ready-made political infrastructure, and close relationships across the Republican conference built during his stint as the GOP's chief House candidate recruiter ahead of the 2010 midterm elections.A McCarthy spokesman declined to comment Sunday on Chaffetz.In Thursday's party elections, a speaker candidate need only win the backing of a simple majority of those voting to become the Republican nominee. But unlike other leadership posts, the speaker is chosen in a subsequent floor vote of all House members, and the House's 246 Republicans will be under no obligation to select the party nominee...." see full article

1229 days ago | theatlantic
The Contest for House Speaker Heats Up

"...Chaffetz is indeed a long-shot candidate compared to the front runner, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, the second-ranking Republican in the chamber, and who has extensive support among members of the House Republican Conference. Hours after John Boehner said he would resign last month, McCarthy was already making calls to colleagues. He announced his bid three days later. Daniel Webster of Florida joined the race the day Boehner resigned, but he is not considered serious opposition to McCarthy...." see full article

1229 days ago | sltrib
Jason Chaffetz: BYU kicker to political novice to GOP star to House speaker?
"...Chaffetz's rapid rise from political novice to political star is an anomaly in some ways. He didn't start in local politics and take baby steps up a long ladder. He wasn't a wealthy businessman or the son of a political icon.When he announced he was "testing the waters" for a congressional run on New Year's Day 2007 a time he picked because he thought he could grab the most media attention Chaffetz said he was a "frustrated conservative" who was "hungry and excited." His target, longtime Rep. Chris Cannon, hadn't even been sworn into office for his next term...." see full article

1229 days ago | nytimes
Jason Chaffetz Announces Bid for House Speaker

"...Though Mr. McCarthy remains a strong favorite who has the backing of Mr. Boehner and influential Republicans like Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, there has been growing opposition from conservative members of the party who want a greater leadership shakeup than Mr. McCarthy's ascension would likely offer. I think the American public wants to see a change. They want a fresh start, Mr. Chaffetz said during an appearance on Fox News Sunday. There's a reason why we see this phenomenon across the country, and you don't just give an automatic promotion to the existing leadership team. That doesn't signal change. ..." see full article

1229 days ago | theguardian
Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz enters race for House speaker

"...The remark, which opened McCarthy to accusations of political bias in the conduct of Congressional business, immediately became a cudgel with which Democrats could attack the work of the committee.It also alienated Republicans who had long pushed for an investigation into the attack on the US facility in September 2012, in which four Americans, including the ambassador to Libya, died...." see full article

1229 days ago | outsidethebeltway
Jason Chaffetz Enters Race For Speaker
"...Chaffetz has only been in Congress since being elected in 2008, and while that's a typically unusual amount of time for someone who would ascend to the Speaker's Chair, it's worth noting that McCarthy himself has only been in Congress two years longer than Chaffetz. The main difference is that McCarthy has risen much higher in leadership than Chaffetz, who currently heads the House's Government Oversight Committee. Chaffetz has also been seen as the most likely successor to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, who was last re-elected in 2012 and will be 85 when his seat is up again in 2018. He's also been someone who has been more adept at bridging the divide between the conservative wing of the House GOP Caucus and leadership than most others on the right...." see full article

1229 days ago | talkingpointsmemo
GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Says He's Running To Be House Speaker

"...The prohibitive favorite in the race is Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, now the top deputy to Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who is resigning at month's end, worn down by conservatives' pressure.It's a time of tumult for majority Republicans, and the elections may heighten the disarray among lawmakers looking for a new team to confront President Barack Obama and perhaps rankle the GOP-run Senate, where Democrats have bottled up Republican priorities...." see full article

1229 days ago | townhall
It's On: Jason Chaffetz to Challenge McCarthy for House Speaker

"...Many of John Boehner's detractors are lamenting the likely ascension of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to the Speakership following next week's leadership elections.  What the lower chamber needs is fresh, feisty, conservative leadership, these critics say, sighing that McCarthy represents more of the same. But as I mentioned on Fox News earlier in the week, none of the names that have typically been bandied about in post-Boehner discussions actually want the job.  Jeb Hensarling passed.  Jim Jordan passed.  Paul Ryan passed.  Trey Gowdy passed.  If you're intent on toppling your party's leader, you'd better have a plan in place to alter the intractable political dynamics that fostered the culture of frustration and disunity that drove Boehner to surrender his gavel.  This process must entail coalescing a credible leader who has the support and skills to carry out said plan. ..." see full article

1229 days ago | vox
Jason Chaffetz might shake up the sleepy race to succeed John Boehner

"...McCarthy is well-liked within the Republican Conference, and as someone who has put together the votes to win the majority whip and majority leader jobs in the past, he's got a formidable vote-counting operation in place.But conservatives outside of Washington have been infuriated by the prospect that Boehner's departure would result in McCarthy, another establishment and mainstream legislator, moving into the speaker's job. They, and a small set of House conservatives known as the Freedom Caucus, were hoping that there would be a bigger shake-up in House leadership ranks...." see full article

1229 days ago | salon
Kevin McCarthy has a new headache: Conservative favorite Jason Chaffetz reportedly plotting run for speaker

"...Could Chaffetz beat McCarthy? It's unlikely; as Politico noted, it's by no means certain how many votes Chaffetz will win. And betting markets still see McCarthy as nearly a lock: PredictIt, an online predictions market, currently pegs McCarthy's speakership chances at 88 percent, little changed from before the Benghazi fracas.Still, word of Chaffetz's plans comes hours after conservative pundit Bill Kristol tweeted, based on conversations with House members, that McCarthy has yet to lock down the 218 votes required for victory:..." see full article

1229 days ago | politico
Chaffetz enters speaker's race, pans McCarthy

"...McCarthy has broad support within the House Republican Conference and remains the overwhelming favorite to succeed outgoing Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). And it's unclear how much support Chaffetz can actually garner. Chaffetz, who remarked that he's comfortable with losing, would not say whether he has any pledged supporters.But until now, McCarthy faced only token opposition in Florida Rep. Daniel Webster; Chaffetz, by contrast, is the head of a major committee and a respected figure among the rank-and-file. At the very least, the Utah Republican's last-minute entry complicates McCarthy's path and highlights the uneasiness with which the centrist Californian is viewed among the most conservative members of the GOP conference...." see full article

1229 days ago | peoplespunditdaily
Jason Chaffetz to Challenge Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy for Speaker - People's Pundit Daily
"...Chaffetz, who was elected into Congress in 2008, hasn't been the darling of the conservative base since they helped him get in and retain office. The House Oversign chairman came under heavy fire for stripping Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., of his subcommittee chairmanship after he defied party leaders on a vote granting President Obama fast-track authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership bill. Meadows was one of 34 conservatives who voted against the rule to move the trade deal forward, which also expanded Trade Adjustment Assistance a leftwing entitlement program that was added to grease Democrats' palms.Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin referred to the top three House leaders House Speaker John Boehner,, R-Ohio, McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La. as Moe, Larry and Curley, with Chaffetz being the shrimp in there somewhere. Scalise, worth noting, announced he would run to replace McCarthy as majority leader...." see full article

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