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Should Rachel Dolezal Be Punished For Lying?

The head of the NAACP's Spokane office, Rachel Dolezal, was discovered to be a white woman, presenting herself as black. Should she be punished for this misrepresentation?

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Should Rachel Dolezal Be Punished For Lying?  

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last 24 hours | theguardian
Empathy is healthy but Rachel Dolezal claimed someone else's pain for herself - The Guardian

"...All culture is appropriation but she has so clearly profited from deceit that no one can think this OK. But can you try? Is transracial actually a thing? Should we try and go along with it? It turns out, amazingly, that it is not really a thing at all and it just shows how twisted up we have got. This woman could have been an advocate or a supporter of the organisation she worked for (NAACP) without this elaborately confected blackface. Her personality crisis is now a full-on psychodrama but what is at issue, what is eating away at our certainties, is this notion of authenticity.It has been important that a political understanding of identity, whether around race, class or gender, insists on the primacy of lived experience. We literally need to speak for ourselves, instead of having others define us and speak for us. Experience matters. This woman, then, cannot know what it is actually like to have black skin; her privilege is enacted exactly through her insistence that racial identity is a choice...." see full article

1338 days ago | latimes
Why Rachel Dolezal would want to pass as a black woman
"...In the end, perhaps Dolezal simply believed the convictions of her academic culture a little too much. After all, we on the left have insisted for years that the various demographic categories we are placed into are merely social constructs, the creation of human assumption and human prejudice. That race is a social construct is a stance that brooks no disagreement in left-wing spaces.It should not surprise us, then, when an individual chooses to create a different racial identity for herself. I'm not saying that's a legitimate reading of social construct arguments. I'm not saying I condone her behavior; like most people, I find it offensive. I'm simply saying that this behavior is inevitable given the current social and linguistic codes of the worlds in which Dolezal lives. We created those incentives and so we've created this behavior...." see full article

1340 days ago | americanthinker
What the Rachel Dolezal Scandal Teaches Us

"...There is such a thing as black privilege.  Dolezal got hired at competitive jobs and received competitive funds.  Her claim to be black helped her in this.  She didn't make a fortune, but she made a living.  It is an open secret that claims of African American identity help job seekers and funding applicants in higher education, the non-profit sector, and some areas of government.  African American college applicants receive a bonus of hundreds of points on their SAT scores.  Asian Americans are penalized on their SAT scores. It may be true that African Americans on the street or in department stores are more often suspected of crimes when they are, in fact, innocent.  But this is also true -- in many academic, government, and non-profit settings, those in power lower their standards for truth when they believe their interlocutor is black.  Dolezal's repeated fabricated stories of hate crimes evidence this.  That mail was found in her mailbox that had not been handled by the postal service was a giveaway that she was inventing stories.  Dolezal was extended a measure of trust, concern, and respect that a white person would not have received under similar circumstances. ..." see full article

1340 days ago | qz
To Rachel Dolezal: A white NAACP president could have been a powerful thing
"...Self-hatred is a dangerous thing. In this case, it seems possible that Dolezal could have became so wrapped up in her own desire to belong that she became an inadvertent mockery of the very community she wanted so desperately to belong to.But blackness should never be performed. It is not some abstract concept that can be morphed and shaped from foundation or elaborate extensions purchased from the beauty salon. It's the skin that you wake up in the morning and go to sleep in at night. It's the life experiences that cannot be absorbed through books or vicarious erudition. And no matter how much make-up you don, wigs you wear, or colloquialisms you speak, one cannot become black...." see full article

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1340 days ago | theguardian
Rachel Dolezal's deception: her 'black' identity doesn't make sense or make her black

"...The problem for Dolezal is that her black identity does not make sense. Right now, one can only speculate to her motivations. There are plenty of white people involved in the kind of civil rights work she was doing particularly in Spokane, where just 2% of the population is black. Her parents say that she had black adopted siblings, had a black circle of friends where she grew up in Mississippi that she has married, and later divorced, a black man.All of which might make Rachel Dolezal a white woman who identifies closely with the black community. It does not make her black...." see full article

1340 days ago | latimes
The big question in the NAACP Rachel Dolezal case: Why?
"...She denied suggestions she had made up the incidents.City officials in Spokane are looking into whether Dolezal lied when she listed herself as white, black and American Indian on an application to serve on the police department's ombudsman commission. She serves as chairwoman of the independent commission, on top of her NAACP work, and works as an adjunct faculty member at Eastern Washington University."We are committed to independent citizen oversight and take very seriously the concerns raised regarding the chair of the independent citizen police ombudsman commission," Mayor David Condon and City Council President Ben Stuckart said in a joint statement."We are gathering facts to determine if any city policies related to volunteer boards and commissions have been violated. That information will be reviewed by the City Council, which has oversight of city boards and commissions."..." see full article

1340 days ago | mic
The Huge Problem With the Rachel Dolezal Scandal That Everyone Needs to Know
"...Dolezal practiced cultural theft. There's a stark difference between racial indeterminacy, or the idea that race is not fixed and individuals may have multiple racial identities, and racial misrepresentation. Racial misrepresentation is cultural theft.Cultural appropriation is a contested activity in the U.S., especially in the realms of artistry, but cultural theft committed with the purpose of gaining access to positions or institutional power is more insidious. This is what Dolezal did. According to the Washington Post, for example, when Dolezal "applied to Howard University to study art with a portfolio of 'exclusively African-American portraiture,' the university 'took her for a black woman' and gave her a full scholarship.""You've got a white woman coming in that got a full-ride scholarship to the black Harvard," Dolezal's father, Larry Dolezal, told the Washington Post...." see full article

1340 days ago | nytimes
Rachel Dolezal Quits NAACP in Spokane - New York Times

"...Monday was expected to bring a reckoning of some kind, at a previously scheduled meeting of the Spokane N.A.A.C.P. chapter. Ms. Dolezal said last week that she would not address the matter publicly until she had discussed it with her chapter's executive committee and membership, and she expected it to be aired at the meeting.But on Sunday, a chapter Facebook posting said, Due to the need to continue discussion with regional and national N.A.A.C.P. leaders, tomorrow's meeting is postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date. That angered some chapter officials, who said Ms. Dolezal did not have the authority unilaterally to postpone the meeting; it was not clear Monday morning whether it would be held in the evening, as planned...." see full article

1340 days ago | csmonitor
Rachel Dolezal to address furor over her race. Who defines racial identity? - Christian Science Monitor
"...But Dolezal's apparent deceit identifying a black man as her father; misrepresenting her ethnicity on government forms; and referring to her dark curls as natural though she was born with straight, blonde hair has led some to say her actions belittle the meaning and experience of black identity. Rachel Dolezal may be connected to black communities and feel an affinity with the styles and cultural innovations of black people, Alicia Walters, a Spokane native who founded a leadership program for black women and is herself black, wrote in an opinion piece for The Guardian. But the black identity cannot be put on like a pair of shoes. ..." see full article

1341 days ago | ktbs
NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal Set To Speak Monday - KTBS
"...What Dolezal is accused of is more than just the basis of a thought exercise about race. Many people are deeply offended by the idea that someone whose family suffered none of the horrifying systemic racism African Americans endure would seem to so gleefully immerse herself in and enjoy the trappings of black culture. And any assertion that she had good intentions but had to fib to attend Howard University or work for the NAACP doesn't hold up: white people can, and do, do both of these things.But most infuriating to some is the idea that she may be able to retreat comfortably back into a white identity, leaving the racism she claims to have experienced as a black woman behind...." see full article

1341 days ago | mediaite
Tavis Smiley Literally LOLs at Rachel Dolezal: Why 'Volunteer' to Be Black? - Mediaite
"...Still, it really wasn't that. Instead, there is a subtle betrayal there, a feeling that black had become Rachel's mental playground and pharmaceutical of choice. We find that she was a sneaky anthropologist, not much unlike the late great Margaret Mead trekking through the jungle to study her apes. Toni Morrison spoke of this phenomenon in her 1992 essay Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination in which she describes white narratives creating black or colored people and symbolic figurations of blackness [as] markers for the benevolent and the wicked; the spiritual and the voluptuous; of sinful but delicious sensuality coupled with demands for purity and restraint. These figures take shape, form patterns, and play about. Yet, Dolezal never lived that, can never really know the full extent of that black experience with which she pained to replace her whiteness.. As the embarrassment braves a short-lived burst of news cycle, Rachel will eventually braid her way into equal infamy and novelty, with all the book deals and movie adaptations most black women with great stories never have, but this white woman who played them will surely get...." see full article

1342 days ago | fusion
The dangerous myth we're attaching to Rachel Dolezal - Fusion
"...The significance of Dolezal's ruse is difficult to quantify. While we can all easily have a laugh at her expense, the degree to which her fictive kinship-cum-appropriation was taken seriously is troubling. Tumblr managed to chase away the bulk of its transethnics using GIFs, mockery, and heartfelt discussion. But how do we react to someone like Dolezal outside of Tumblr's self-policing corner of the internet? She's actively participating in the communities she fetishizes unbeknownst to the people around her. Elle Hearns says that there's no digging Rachel Dolezal out of the hole she's dug for herself, but there's a lesson to be learned from her mistakes. I'm not interested in making it OK for Rachel, I'm interested in making it for the people she claimed to care about, said Hearns. It's never OK when people who are the most impacted by infrastructural violence are not at the center of the conversation. ..." see full article

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