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Should The International Community Be Doing More To Stop Foreign Fighters From Joining ISIS?

With more foreign recruits joining ISIS all the time should the international community be doing more to stop them?

a full 100% of writers and pundits say yes
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Should The International Community Be Doing More To Stop Foreign Fighters From Joining ISIS?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Should The International Community Be Doing More To Stop Foreign Fighters From Joining ISIS?"
last 24 hours | internationalpolicydigest
Obama's ISIS Strategy Needs to Change - International Policy Digest
"...Discussion and debate over strategy and tactics to counter ISIS certainly are not new exercises among President Obama's defense, diplomatic and political advisers, including those who have the ear of the commander-in-chief, as well their deputies who are not in the room when decisions are made at the highest level.While there are regular disagreements, it is important to note these differences of opinion over the coalition's approach have not altered the core proposition in the administration that ISIS can and will be defeated. The consensus that victory will come for the coalition is maintained even during moments like we have seen this week when ISIS gained its latest geographic edge on the battlefield...." see full article

1360 days ago | kshb
Retired FBI Special Agent outlines the rise of ISIS and the threat it poses to ... - KSHB
"..."The former intelligence expert said ISIS is not a military threat to the U.S.; the threat comes because ISIS is able to recruit people in the U.S. who are interested in following its lead."..." see full article

1406 days ago | ibtimes
ISIS Recruitment 2015: Zambia Muslims Warn Youth Of Islamic State Efforts To ... - International Business Times
"..."The Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia has advised the government to step up its screening process for people coming into Zambia who might be linked to the terror group, which is also known as ISIS or ISIL."..." see full article

1407 days ago | huffingtonpost
The Inconvenient Truth About ISIS - Huffington Post

"..."If the goal is to defeat ISIS and stop it from spreading, it is important we recognize what empirical data demonstrates -- that ISIS and radical groups who sympathize with them are anything but Islamic."..." see full article

1410 days ago | theatlantic
ISIS and the Foreign-Fighter Phenomenon

"..."Among returning foreign fighters of previous generations those that participated in the wars in Bosnia and Afghanistan, for example perhaps one in nine would eventually take up terrorism on returning to their homelands. The fighters of ISIS are a new and untested breed. If they and their families someday attempt to return to their home countries, they will be unimaginably different from their predecessors."..." see full article

1413 days ago | thedailybeast
ISIS Ranks Grow as Fast as U.S. Bombs Can Wipe Them Out - The ...

"..."The American-led bombing campaign is doing little to stem the tide of foreign fighters joining the war in Iraq and Syria. Four thousand of these fighters have joined the conflict since the allied airstrikes began, U.S. intelligence officials tell The Daily Beast. That's nearly as many combatants as coalition forces claimed to have killed, raising fears that if ISIS can continue to withstand a sustained air campaign, it could keep its ranks restocked for years, if not decades, to come."..." see full article

1416 days ago | huffingtonpost
Yes, ISIS Scares Me

"..."We can kill their leaders, bomb their hideouts, raise our TSA security-check requirements, but it won't stop them from multiplying. Why? Because of the very technology we depend on for so many things will also be the very thing that allows these extremists to push their agenda, and not only attract like-minded individuals, but inspire them. It's the wildcard we never saw coming."..." see full article

1417 days ago | ibtimes.c
Turkey has stopped more than 12,500 foreigners travelling to join Isis
"..."There has been criticism that Turkey has not done enough to stop the flow of foreigners travelling through the country to joint the jihadist group. However, parliamentary speaker Cemil Cicek hit back, saying thousands of foreigners suspected of travelling to join Isis had been stopped."..." see full article

1422 days ago |
Why it's OK to strip foreign fighters of citizenship
"..."The Abbott Government proposes to strip Australian citizenship from dual nationals who fight for Islamic State. (This would only apply to dual citizens as there is a strong presumption in international relations against making anybody stateless.)"..." see full article

1424 days ago | glica
Preventing Recruitment of Foreign Fighters by International Terrorist Groups
"..."The recent influx of over 10,000 militants from around the world to join the Islamic State (IS) has highlighted what has been a growing issue for years: international recruitment by terrorist organizations."..." see full article

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