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Should the Governor of Maine Apologize to Stephen King?

Maine Governor Paul LePage accused Stephen King of moving to Florida to avoid paying Maine state taxes. King refutes this, saying he paid $1.4 million in Maine state taxes in 2013. Should the Governor apologize?

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Should the Governor of Maine Apologize to Stephen King?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Should the Governor of Maine Apologize to Stephen King?"
last 24 hours | postpioneer
Stephen King: Maine governor need to 'man up and apologize' - Kentucky Post Pioneer
"...Maine Gov. Paul LePage really should "man up and apologize" right after claiming the author has moved away and does not pay income taxes in Maine...." see full article

1351 days ago | boingboing
Stephen King versus Maine's lying governor - Boing Boing
"...Maine's Tea Party Governor Paul LePage (R) has doubled down on his lie that Stephen King left Maine to avoid paying income tax; King is a proud taxpayer who views "taxes as a way of paying back the state that has given us so much."..." see full article

1356 days ago | rawstory
Stephen King hammers Maine governor for doubling down: 'He's not man ... - Raw Story

"...King released another statement on Thursday accusing LePage of gilding the lily and playing with semantics, and calling for an end to the feud...." see full article

1358 days ago | salon
"Make me the villain of your next book": Maine governor fires back at Stephen King - Salon

"...Maine Gov. Paul LePage is refusing to apologize for falsely insinuating that Stephen King no longer pays taxes in the state, but he did make the bestselling author an acerbic offer: Just make me the villain of your next book, and I won't charge you royalties. ..." see full article

1358 days ago | latimes
Stephen King demands apology from Maine governor - Los Angeles Times
"...It's not surprising that there's bad blood between the author and the governor -- King is a Democrat who endorsed LePage's rival Mike Michaud for Maine governor in the 2014 election; LePage is a conservative Republican...." see full article

1362 days ago | rawstory
Stephen King says Maine's Tea Party governor is full of shit - Raw Story

"...LePage's own wife Ann LePage is a so-called snowbird. In 2010, she was charged and fined for claiming primary residency in both Maine and at their home in Ormond Beach, Florida, making the couple eligible for tax breaks on both their homes...." see full article

1365 days ago | salon
"Man up and apologize": Stephen King sets Maine's Tea Party governor straight - Salon

"...After Paul LePage falsely insinuates the author has abandoned Maine, King fires back..." see full article

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