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Was Tom Brady's 4-Game Suspension Too Harsh?

Tom Brady has been suspended for 4 games for his role in Deflategate. Ray Rice was only given a 2-game suspension as was Adrian Peterson. Is the Patriot's quarterback's penalty too harsh?

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Was Tom Brady's 4-Game Suspension Too Harsh?  

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last 24 hours | si
NFL's punishment for Brady, Pats shows league's lack of perspective -
"...The NFL absolutely hammered Tom Brady and the Patriots on Monday with its breathtaking Deflategate punishment ruling, an edict that seemingly lacked for nothing, save perspective...." see full article

1373 days ago | deadspin
Roger Goodell Is A Shit-Eating Moron
"...Brady's crime isn't that he doctored balls, it's that he didn't SUBMIT. In fact, it doesn't even matter if Brady DID doctor the ball or not, because the NFL would still carry out the investigation like so...." see full article

1374 days ago | nytimes
Distinguishing Cheating From Chicanery in Tom Brady Mess - New York Times

"...The suspension of Brady seems to involve a misguided sense of proportion by N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell. Heavily criticized for doing too little when confronted with domestic violence, Goodell seems to be overcompensating and doing too much when confronted with mere chicanery...." see full article

1374 days ago | espn.go
Tom Brady should skip appeal and tell truth now - ESPN

"...He should do the right thing here and admit that he knowingly broke the rules, that he was chin strap-deep in the illegal deflation of game balls, and that he deserves a four-game suspension that was always a fitting penalty for his cheating and refusal to cooperate with Ted Wells...." see full article

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1374 days ago | nesn
Tom Brady, Patriots Punishment For DeflateGate Is Laughably Excessive
"...Now that the 243-page report has been digested by folks with half a brain, it becomes obvious this punishment does not befit the crime or the evidence. This is like being sentenced to four weeks in prison for jaywalking. This is like a pitcher being suspended 40 games for scuffing a baseball...." see full article

1375 days ago | nypost
Deflategate verdict: Tom Brady banned 4 games, Pats lose picks
"...The NFL's stiff punishment, administered by league vice president of football operations Troy Vincent, appeared to result more from the cover-up than the actual crime of intentionally deflating footballs in January's AFC Championship Game...." see full article

1375 days ago | espn.go
Blistering penalty handed down to Tom Brady, Patriots

"...No sugarcoating it. The NFL just crushed the Patriots. This is an extreme reaction despite not having definitive proof...." see full article

1375 days ago | forbes
Looney Tunes NFL Suspends Brady 4 Games for Doctoring Balls Like Other QBs
"...This isn't Watergate. Wells isn't Sen. Sam Ervin. One Deflategate panic was too many, if understandable as a pre-Super Bowl phenomenon when the press is like a drum, waiting for a feather to fall on it to launch into the 1812 Overture.  The press ought to be able to offer perspective in as obvious a farce as this, even as it reports the facts. Unfortunately for Brady and ultimately for Goodell, who has just tarred one of the NFL's greatest stars that's life in the wired village..." see full article

1375 days ago | forbes
The Tom Brady Suspension: An Inflated Overreaction Or Just Desserts For Fairness Breach
"...But then you look at the Brady 4-game suspension.  Is this implicitly saying the league thinks the savagery of Mr. Hardy's actions against a woman is only 2.5 times worse an act than deflating a football in a game which was ultimately a rout anyways?..." see full article

1375 days ago | washingtonpost
Tom Brady, Patriots can blame only themselves for NFLs harsh DeflateGate punishments

"...The suspension, which is justified, is not about how much of an illicit advantage the Patriots gained (probably not much), the behavior of the NFL (suspect at best) or the flaws within Ted Wells's report (numerous)...." see full article

1375 days ago | ibtimes
Tom Brady Ray Rice Comparison: NFL Punishment Prompts Outcry From Fans, Columnists
"...Is tampering with a football a worse infraction than knocking a woman unconscious? The National Football League's punishment of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his alleged role in Deflategate was harsher than the NFL's response to a scandal that rocked the league last year. Brady will be suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2015-16 season -- a suspension twice as long as that initially given to Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who beat his then-fianc e...." see full article

1375 days ago | utsandiego
NFL drops hammer on Tom Brady, Pats
"...This makes sense. All quarterbacks should play by the same rules. Whether Brady gained a significant advantage or not isn't germane. The rules are in place. Everyone knows them. The league concluded Brady condoned breaking the inflation rule...." see full article

1375 days ago | ftw.usatoday
Why a cheating Tom Brady deserved his four-game suspension from the NFL - USA TODAY
"...The commissioner couldn't afford the perception of going soft on Brady. To ignore Brady's cheating which affected the outcome of one of the three biggest football games of the year would have meant giving off the appearance of an NFL star system. When lesser players are found guilty of rules violation, they have the book thrown at them. Goodell had to treat Brady the same...." see full article

1375 days ago | forbes
Tom Brady Painted the Roses Red So He Must Lose His Head--or At Least His ... - Forbes
"...Nevertheless, with Bountygate as a precedent, Goodell was obliged to order an independent investigation. Since Brady was, indeed, culpable, even if Ted Well seemed to be afraid to state that, Bountygate meant that the penalty had to warrant screaming headlines...." see full article

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