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Will "Clinton Cash" Hurt Hillary Clinton's Campaign?

Peter Schweitzer's book "Clinton Cash" has become a bestseller. Will the expose of the Clinton Foundation hurt Hillary's chances at The White House?

58% of writers and pundits say yes
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Will "Clinton Cash" Hurt Hillary Clinton's Campaign?  

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last 24 hours | breitbart
Billionaire: 'Clinton Cash' Revelations Evidence of 'An Unbelievable Shakedown' - Breitbart News
"...He says the only thing that upsets him more than Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy trashing hedge funds are those financial firms that still offer the Democratic presidential nominee their money and support.According to a newly released CNN poll, the Clinton Cash revelations and avalanche of media coverage the book continues to generate have, for the first time ever, resulted in Hillary Clinton's favorability rating being underwater meaning more unfavorable (50%) than favorable (46%)...." see full article

1352 days ago | thenewamerican
"Clinton Cash" Punches Through Bill and Hillary's Teflon Armor - The New American
"...When it comes to generating scandals, the Clinton family often appears to be the political equivalent of a perpetual motion machine: All that seems to have changed since the days when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas is that the scale of the scandals has expanded to proportions that might once have seemed inconceivable. Thus, as the next presidential election cycle begins to ramp up, Hillary Clinton has endeavored to dismiss any and all of the questions about her record as a U.S. senator and as secretary of state as "much ado about nothing." From the tragedy of Benghazi to the legal wrangling over her private e-mail server, Clinton has continued to act as if responding to critics is beneath her dignity. It is a dismissive strategy that has worked until now...." see full article

1361 days ago | politico
Hillary Clinton Cant Control the News - Politico

"...By bicycling away from the press corps' clinch, Clinton manipulated the news cycle to her advantage. Her timing was sensational, too...." see full article

1378 days ago | spectator
"...But I know the picture he has drawn is essentially true and the case indictable. The fact is that the Clintons have been acting in this way ever since their Arkansas days. There never has been a family like this in American history, not the Longs of Louisiana, not the scamps at Tammany Hall. The Clintons are a first, and with the help of journalists and then investigators they could be the last...." see full article

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1378 days ago | slate
A Swing and a Miss

"...Overall, Clinton Cash is best described as an exercise in question begging, in which you assume your conclusion in the premise of your argument. Schweizer believes that the Clintons are corrupt influence peddlers who have enriched themselves at the expense of America's interests, and he's written a book to justify himself. What he hasn't done is written a book that proves his claims. Instead, all he has is a compendium of bad decisions and gross behavior that a more sober-minded writer could have used to make a real hit on the Clintons. As it stands, they will brush this off like they have most attacks from the right...." see full article

1378 days ago | americanthinker
The Hill-Billy Cash Pump

"...Here is how it worked: Bill flew around the world making speeches and burnishing his reputation as a global humanitarian and wise man. Very often on these trips he was accompanied by "close friends" or associates who happened to have business interests in these countries. Introductions were made, deals struck .  Meanwhile, bureaucratic or legislative obstacles were mysteriously cleared or approvals granted within the purview of his wife, the powerful senator or secretary of state...." see full article

1378 days ago | slate
Clinton Cash Can't Prove Anything Against Hillary. Maybe That's the Point. - Slate Magazine

"...Conservative author Peter Schweizer fails to prove that Hillary Clinton's actions as a U.S. senator and secretary of state were influenced by the massive amount of cash deep-pocketed foreign donors funneled to the Clintons and the foundation that bears their name. What Schweizer suggests is evidence of quid pro quo is instead little more than post hoc ergo propter hoc speculation...." see full article

1379 days ago | theguardian
Hillary Clinton campaign issues online rebuttal of Clinton Cash criticisms - The Guardian

"...The manner in which Clinton's campaign has gone after Schweizer and his book reflects a targeted effort by Clinton's team to reach voters directly rather than by trying to push their message through media outlets and hoping readers take note...." see full article

1380 days ago | nationaljournal
Hillary Clinton's Campaign Declares War Against 'Clinton Cash' - National Journal
"...For campaigns, pushing back on unflattering reports is pro-forma, but the team's effort goes above and beyond the standard plan. On Tuesday morning, Clinton's campaign launched what it's calling "The Briefing," a new section of its website, paired with videos and posts on other social-media platforms, that aims to combat what an email to supporters describes as "whatever far-flung theories [Republicans] can find in order to try and distract from Hillary's record of fighting for everyday Americans."..." see full article

1381 days ago | nypost
Hill and Bill can't hide from shady deals exposed in 'Clinton Cash' - New York Post
"...But virtually every chapter Schweizer wrote provides a tantalizing set of leads curious characters to be interviewed, complex deals to be explored, connections to be untangled. Clinton Cash is the blueprint to a tower of important questions about the ex-president and the president in waiting. The press is eager to go back on gaffe patrol this book shouldn't let them...." see full article

1383 days ago | truthdig
In Defense of Hillary Clinton, Democrats Embrace Citizens United Decision - Truthdig
"...To advocates for limiting the influence of money in politics, this pushback from Democrats is particularly rich (pun intended) coming from a party that spent a decade asserting that Republicans raking in cash from Big Oil and pushing oil-friendly policies was rank corruption. The Democratic defense of their presumptive presidential nominee registers as especially disturbing to campaign finance reform advocates considering the mighty efficiency of the Clinton fundraising machine...." see full article

1385 days ago | newsweek
Everything You Need to Know About 'Clinton Cash' - Newsweek

"...There's no two ways about it: Clinton Cash reads like a hatchet job. The forthcoming book purports to show the Clinton family's willingness eagerness, even to accept lavish donations and speaking fees from foreign donors at times when conveniently, the author wants you to know the State Department was considering whether or not to award big contracts to groups and people affiliated with those donors...." see full article

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