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Will Bridgegate Hurt Chris Christie's Chance For The White House?

With the guilty plea of former Christie political ally David Wildstein, and the indictment of two others, are Chris Christie's chances at The White House over?

a full 88% of writers and pundits say yes
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Will Bridgegate Hurt Chris Christie's Chance For The White House?  

Writers and pundits who say or about the topic, "Will Bridgegate Hurt Chris Christie's Chance For The White House?"
last 24 hours | realclearpolitics
Christie Charming Voters, Who Still Worry About "Bridgegate"

"...In such town halls and one-on-one settings, Republicans and independents in New Hampshire appear drawn to Christie's brash personality and early forays into policy. But while most of the nearly three dozen voters, activists and political operatives interviewed by The Associated Press in recent weeks are dismissive of what they call the "bridge thing," many are skeptical he can ever get past it...." see full article

1371 days ago | washingtonpost
Bridgegate is still a BIG problem for Chris Christie - The Washington ...

"...Momentum and buzz are a strange things in the world of politics. They're hard to build and even harder to reclaim once you've lost them. That's where Christie finds himself today lost amid a glut of would-be aspirants to the top (or even second) tier of the coming presidential race...." see full article

1378 days ago | salon
Chris Christie's low-rent Machiavellis: The scheming lunatics behind Bridgegate - Salon

"...Christie's 2016 hopes are being dragged down by collapsing poll numbers, high unemployment, and a struggling state economy. On top of all that, he has to cope with the fact that he installed this trio of lunatics into positions of power which they giddily abused to exact harsh retribution on a public official (and, more importantly, his constituents) over a minor political slight...." see full article

1382 days ago | nytimes
With Bridge Case Charges, a Cloud Descends on Christie's White House Hopes - New York Times

"...Now, the growing risk for Mr. Christie is that the very belligerence that electrified voters, the press and the Republican Party, and catapulted him into a credible contender for the White House, may wind up putting the presidency out of his reach...." see full article

1384 days ago | rawstory
'Bridgegate' appears to be roadblock to Chris Christie's run for the 2016 GOP ... - Raw Story

"...Christie has relegated himself largely to multi-candidate forums while declared candidates Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have had a more robust presence in the midwest...." see full article

1384 days ago | huffingtonpost
Bridge Scandal May Be Death Knell For Chris Christie's 2016 ...

"...In many ways, the outcome was the best he could have hoped for little new information and no names mentioned beyond those Christie had already cut ties to...." see full article

1384 days ago | politico
Chris Christie ex-ally pleads guilty in Bridgegate scandal - Politico

"...The news offers potential relief for Christie as he considers a 2016 presidential bid, but does not end questions relating to the governor's relationship with the alleged conspirators and the scheme...." see full article

1385 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
The Fix: Bridgegate is still a BIG problem for Chris Christie

"...Even under that scenario, Bridgegate has functioned as a massive impediment to Christie's chances of winning the Republican presidential nomination. ..." see full article

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