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Will Donald Trump's Tax Plan Satisfy The Right?

Donald Trump has finally released his first policy stand on taxes, which would change little for the middle and lower classes, and be a financial boon for the richest Americans. Will this tax plan satisfy his base?

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Will Donald Trump's Tax Plan Satisfy The Right?  

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Of course it will - it gives a massive windfall to the super rich!
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last 24 hours | slate
The Latest Video Trying to Exonerate Carly Fiorina Just Proves She Didnt Tell the Truth

"...On the same day that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee pummeled Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards with questions about discredited "sting" videos targeting the women's health care provider, yet another anti-choice group has rushed to Carly Fiorina's defense with a video that purports to prove the truth of her comments about Planned Parenthood at the recent Republican debate. As with previous attempts, they instead prove that Fiorina wasnot telling the truth when she answered a question about Planned Parenthood funding by invoking a video showing "a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain."..." see full article

1206 days ago | huffingtonpost
Even the Person Who Collected the Footage Carly Fiorina Says She Saw Proves She Didn't See It

"...Will any of this cause Fiorina to finally admit she was embellishing what she saw, for effect? That is unlikely. Challenged multiple times by Chuck Todd, on this weekend'sMeet the Press, Fiorina refused to give in."That scene absolutely does exist. And that voice saying what I said they were saying, "We're going to keep it alive to harvest its brain" exists as well," she maintained.Fiorina is betting that not backing down from her well-documented embellishmentsand lies will cause an exhausted media to stop challenging her on them. Not just on the videos she never saw, but a host of other false statements, as well...." see full article

1206 days ago | thenation
 How the Media Gave Carly Fiorina a Free Pass to Lie About Planned Parenthood

"... The New York Times's front-page lead story also celebrated Fiorina as a credible antidote to the gender gap and the Democrats' claims of a Republican war on women.' A reader had to wade through more than 1,200 words of padded fluff before learning that the most affecting moment staged by this credible antidote was a brazen lie. There is no evidence in the secretly taped Planned Parenthood videos of a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. As the story mentions in passing in paragraph 23, The video that Mrs. Fiorina seems to be referring to does show a still image of a fetus being held outside the womb. But it is not seen squirming as Mrs. Fiorina describes, nor is there any indication that it is about to have its brain removed. (Her foreign policy pronouncements were even more objectionable if that's possible.)..." see full article

1206 days ago | thinkprogress
Carly Fiorina Stubbornly Stands By Inaccurate Description Of Planned Parenthood Video
"...The video Fiorina refers to is of a former tissue procurement technician describing an experience where she was working in the pathology lab and saw a fetus with its heart still beating. The woman interviewed said the brain was going to be procured from the fetus. However, the footage used alongside her commentary was stock footage of a fetus with its legs moving, not actual footage of what she witnessed, leading critics to point out that Fiorina mischaracterized the footage that was being shown. The supervisor the woman mentions in the tape also did not say the fetus was kept alive to harvest its brain...." see full article

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1206 days ago | theblaze
Planned Parenthood Supporters Interrupt Carly Fiorina: How Can You As a Woman Not Support Our Healthcare
"...Fiorina, who has risen in the polls since the second GOP debate, is facing controversy ever since she made the comment that a video released by an anti-abortion group showed a fully formed fetus alive as someone can be heard saying they must keep it alive in order to harvest its brain. Fiorina has doubled down on her comment, saying people are more focused on a technicality than what the undercover videos show...." see full article

1206 days ago | commentarymagazine
Fiorina Pops the Liberal Bubble
"...For millions of Americans who watched the second GOP presidential debate on CNN, the moment that briefly focused on the revelations exposed by a series of undercover videos featuring unsavory Planned Parenthood executives and practices was the first they'd heard of that metastatic scandal. While Fiorina's rivals primarily burnished their conservative bona fides on the matter of stripping the abortion provider of its taxpayer-provided largess, Fiorina recognized the need to educate the public on the nature of that scandal. It is testament to her abilities as a communicator and the scope of the threat to Planned Parenthood's privileges that the left has spent the weeks that followed the debate trying to discredit Fiorina and her attack on that favored liberal advocacy organization...." see full article

1206 days ago | americanthinker
Score one for Fiorina

"...Todd persisted with his effort to negate her claims, but Fiorina expressed a resolute and cogent critique of Planned Parenthood's harvesting of fetal body parts, abetted by funding from U.S. taxpayers.  She deftly turned the argument away from Todd's gotcha play to the heart of the matter. Planned Parenthood desperately wants everyone to think this isn't going on, because when Americans realize this is going on, whether they are pro-life or pro-choice, they are horrified.  Her coup de gr ce was delivered thusly:  Do you think this is not happening?  Does Hillary Clinton think this is not happening? ... This is happening in America today, and taxpayers are paying for it. Not only are taxpayers having to fund this butchery, but Planned Parenthood doles out millions of dollars every single election cycle to Democrat candidates.  This is a political slush fund, on top of being butchery, that Americans again, whether they are pro-life or pro-choice cannot support. I score that round in favor of Carly Fiorina...." see full article

1206 days ago | rawstory
Carly Fiorina defends her lie with a whole bunch of lies

"...Ido like it when Republican candidates sport a resume full of corporate executive work, because it really shows the public how many fools and idiots coast into that position not on merit but on their bullshitting abilities. Donald Trump, Herman Cain, and now we have Carly Fiorina, who just can't understand why her perceived underlings (voters, journalists) won't scurry away, pretending to accept her bullshit like former employees of hers had to do, lest they lost their jobs.And so it goes that Fiorina, who could make this entire Planned Parenthood controversy go away by saying something like, I may have misremembered the video, but I still think abortion is wrong, instead is doubling and tripling down. And every time she does, she lies more and more. She was on Meet the Press and, so enamored of the idea that she is perfect and could never do anything wrong, just went to town with the defensive posturing...." see full article

1206 days ago | washingtonpost
Carly Fiorina emerges as the rights new champion on abortion issues

"...On the facts, Carly Fiorina has been proved wrong. But on the politics, her impassioned condemnation of a Planned Parenthood video has turned her into a champion of the antiabortion movement and given her outsider candidacy new momentum.Republicans have rallied to her side, not just to defend one of their own against fact checkers and attacks from Democrats for misrepresenting what was in the video, but also because she brings a fresh voice and perspective to what has long been a predictable debate over abortion...." see full article

1206 days ago | time
Questions Remain Over Whether Video Carly Fiorina Cited in Debate Shows Abortion - TIME
"...The footage Fiorina described does not exist. Another anti-abortion activist, David Daleiden, had taken a clip of the Cunningham footage and cut it together with a voiceover from a medical worker describing a separate event, when fetal tissue was acquired for medical research. Cunningham and Daleiden have not claimed that the footage was taken from a Planned Parenthood facility, as Fiorina suggested. I am neither confirming or denying the affiliation of the clinic who did this abortion, Cunningham said.In an interview Tuesday, Cunningham maintained that it was preposterous for anyone to suggest a fetus at 17 and a half weeks should not get medical treatment, if it showed signs of life outside the womb. It's just nonsensical that any OBGYN would not provide any neonatal intensive care, he said...." see full article

1206 days ago | vox
New video that claims "Carly Fiorina was right" shows the opposite - Vox

"...The video is certainly graphic, and does show extensive footage of a fetus whose limbs move and whose heart appears to beat. But it is still not the scene Fiorina described in the debate, and definitely does not deliver on the title of the YouTube video: "Carly Fiorina Was Right."..." see full article

1207 days ago | motherjones
The Fetus Video Described by Carly Fiorina Was Just Released in Full. It Still ... - Mother Jones

"...The video was not taken at a Planned Parenthood clinic. The fetus shows some reflexive movement, but that's all. No one says the fetus has to be kept alive. No one harvests the brain.But other than that, Fiorina was 100 percent correct!..." see full article

1207 days ago | breitbart
GRAPHIC CONTENT–'Carly Fiorina Was Right': Group Releases Full Abortion Video ... - Breitbart News
"...Carly Fiorina appears to have conflated the video of the fetus with the story being told by O'Donnell at the same time. It's fair to say Fiorina's description was incorrect to the degree it treated both incidents as relating to one fetus; however, both the brain harvesting incident and the video of a fully formed, kicking fetus are real.Breitbart News spoke to the source of the video, the Center for Bioethical Reform, last week. CBR's Gregg Cunningham said at the time, This is an absolutely real video of an abortion. He added, People always try to claim the images and video are not real. Cunningham explained that their agreement with abortion clinics strictly prevents them from releasing any information which might lead to the clinic being identified. A press release today states, Violating these prohibitions could subject CBR to legal liability and jeopardize clinic access for current and future projects. We are even obligated to delete the audio track on all of our videos. ..." see full article

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