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Will Hillary Clinton's Populist Stance Win Her The White House?

At her first major political rally, Hillary Clinton channeled FDR, promising to tackle big business, and bring up the middle class. Will her populist stance help win her the White House?

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Will Hillary Clinton's Populist Stance Win Her The White House?  

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last 24 hours | bostonherald
Hillary Clinton plays to middle class
"...However, he said, it may not matter those committed to voting for her, he said, won't be deterred. Hillary seems to have an appeal that goes beyond the evidence, he said.Clinton will be in the Granite State tomorrow for an early childhood education forum in Rochester, a launch party in Concord and a Democratic dinner in Manchester.Fred Bayles, a Boston University professor, said pandering to the middle class is nothing new, and that most presidential hopefuls will be taking that approach...." see full article

1340 days ago | nydailynews
Hillarys battle cry: Her big New York campaign rally rightly suggests a sharp focus on boosting the fortunes of America's working- and middle-class

"...With Roosevelt Island's Four Freedoms Park as her heady backdrop, Hillary Clinton made the fortunes of America's beleaguered working and middle classes the centerpiece of her campaign kickoff rally. That's exactly the right target.Clinton's speech, echoing FDR, centered on four fights : strengthening America's economy, its families, its global position and its government.But she seemed to understand: The fight to revive a U.S. economy that has limped through the presidency of Barack Obama tops the next presidential agenda. The country needs nothing less than a dramatic course correction...." see full article

1340 days ago | washingtonpost
How Hillary Clintons kickoff speech highlighted her advantage over Republicans

"...And I'd challenge Republicans to look at the policy proposals in the speech and say about any of them, Oh boy, the general electorate isn't going to go for that. Which highlights one important way in which Clinton's path to the White House is easier than that of her potential GOP opponents. They have multiple areas where the goals of winning over Republican primary voters and setting themselves up to assemble a general election coalition are at odds. They need to sound tough on immigration now, but that will hurt them with Hispanic voters next fall. They need to proclaim that the Affordable Care Act must be totally repealed, when most Americans would prefer to make it work better. They need to oppose things like paid leave, minimum wage increases and imposing restrictions on Wall Street bankers, all of which are extremely popular. And they need to do it all while arguing that they understand regular folks and will be their advocates.Americans might or might not buy that Hillary Clinton is just like them. But the truth is that she could get elected even if most of them don't, which is something the Republicans probably can't say...." see full article

1340 days ago | politico
Hillarys Sixties Surge

"...But now, at 67, Clinton finally appears to be beyond carefully constructing her identities or letting her advisers to design the persona she presents. And it's going to help her win what she wants most.In 2008, Clinton allowed her husband and her chief strategist, Mark Penn, to run her as an alpha male commander-in-chief. From the start of the presidential campaign, she came across as brittle and overbearing. No wonder voters sensed an authenticity problem. This time, though, Clinton is not running as a made-over man. She is in a new stage of life, having become the kickass grandma with a cackle and a fierce new brand of feminism. Sure, as an older woman she is vulnerable to, well, age but she's also more genuinely nurturing than ever, and personally committed to protecting the young from erosion of the American dream. She's gentler; she's bolder. The hell with losing weight. Let her new image consultant worry about her hair, which is shorter, blonder, simpler. When you're in the spotlight as a woman, she told Diane Sawyer last year, you get a little worried about, Okay, you know, people over on this side are loving what I'm wearing, looking like, saying. And people over on this side aren't.' I'm done with that. I mean, I'm just done. ..." see full article

1340 days ago | refinery29
'I've Spent My Whole Life Fighting For America I'm Not Stopping Now'
"...After casting her as a successor to Democratic presidents who've come before, from FDR to her husband and Barack Obama, her speech honed in on policy. Clinton laid out a laundry list of goals and ideas, from the sweeping ending discrimination against LGBT people and closing the wage gap to the concrete creating a government fund for infrastructure projects paid for by selling bonds. So thoroughly enumerate her liberal stances, it seemed almost like a rebuke to anyone who'd call her a centrist (as critics on the left have).She organized her ideas into four fights I'll wage and win for you making the economy work again for the middle class and poor people; strengthening families with things like required paid sick leave and cheaper college; keeping America safe from threats overseas; and working across the aisle to fix governmental dysfunction. ..." see full article

1340 days ago | examiner
Hillary Rodham Clinton launches 2016 campaign with progressive agenda
"...For those who would say that a Hillary Presidency would be a third term of Obama, that might be true, in the sense she would continue on the path toward those progressive policies. Even climate change, where Obama has been thwarted at every turn.But if Clinton - without saying so much - suggested that a woman's perspective on policy would be a healthy thing for a country in the grips of the greatest gap between rich and poor, and one of the poorest records for upward mobility of the Industrialized Nations - she also asserted her toughness (without using any term suggesting manly quality) - as when she spoke of her mother teaching her never to back down from a bully, and when she reminded how she was in the situation room when we took bin Laden out, and finally, when she said (in a nod to the hate-Hillary, hate-Clinton industry that has been revitalized with her intention to run for President)...." see full article

1340 days ago | nytimes
Hillary Clinton, in Roosevelt Island Speech, Pledges to Close Income Gap - New York Times

"...But a crowd of supporters and volunteers from the staunchly Democratic New York area does not exactly represent the electorate writ large. The real test for Mrs. Clinton and how the speech was perceived will be in Iowa, where she was to travel on Saturday evening for several events. Iowa, the first nominating state, shunned her the last time she sought the presidency, in 2008. I was disappointed she didn't challenge Obama four years ago, said Dominique Pettinato, a 24-year-old parole officer who lives in Brooklyn.For some members of the skeptical liberal wing of the Democratic Party still concerned that Mrs. Clinton will embrace her husband's centrist approach, the speech went only so far in convincing them otherwise...." see full article

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