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Will The Influx Of American Tourists Ruin Cuba?

With improved relations between Cuba and the U.S., more Americans are traveling to the Caribbean country than ever. Will visitors to the once forbidden tropical island change the country forever?

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Will The Influx Of American Tourists Ruin Cuba?  

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Just take a look at Cancun, in the Spring Break!
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Thaw in Relations Leads to Increase of US Tourists to Cuba -
"...Tourists from around the world have been flocking to Cuba, anxious to explore th country before it's overwhelmed by US visitors."I think all of them came like we did before they opened it up to everyone. We wanted to see Cuba in its natural setting, with its culture that exists and we're so afraid that in a number of years once they open this up to the United States it's going to be just thousands and thousands of American tourists coming here."In December, US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announced plans to restore diplomatic relations, which were severed in 1961. While the decades-long US economic embargo remains in place and general tourism is still illegal, the Obama administration has eased restrictions on travel and commerce...." see full article

1328 days ago | hawaiinewsnow
Don't expect Cuba to become tourist mecca soon - Hawaii News Now
"...If you're a hotel manager dreaming of a gig in some grand old hotel in Havana, don't count on it. Havana needs significant infrastructure improvements to handle a large increase of visitor traffic. Delta Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson says he thinks the short-term potential for Cuban tourism is far overblown.Others in the hospitality industry think the best immediate hope for expanded Cuban tourism would be cruise ships, since passengers could make day trips ashore, buying and spending, while using their shipboard lodgings.A key obstacle is the question of currencies. Should American visitors pay in dollars or pesos? The exchange rate is so lopsided that very high prices in Cuban pesos would be very low in U.S. dollars...." see full article

1330 days ago | businessinsider
US tourism to Cuba is booming - Business Insider

"...Attorney Robert Muse, an expert on the legal aspects of Cuba travel, says "there's been almost no active enforcement" of the tourism ban under the Obama administration. He added that the increase in U.S. visitors to Cuba is "what the Obama administration wants. ... They favor engagement. That's why they take this liberalized approach to travel."The Cuban government did not respond to a request for comment, but Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero recently said visitors were up by 30 percent and that Cuba was willing to accept the increase.As for those rushing to see Cuba "before it changes," Muse said, they think that in the future "there are going to be Burger Kings on every corner. That's not going to happen, but people still want to see the end of revolutionary Cuba."..." see full article

1333 days ago | en.mercopress
Tourism boom in Cuba: Europeans want to enjoy the island before the Americans arrive
"...Indeed, many Americans reportedly feel emboldened to visit the tourist paradise of pre-revolution days, especially after seeing their president engage in talks with Raul Castro; viewing images of music's power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, strolling the streets of old Havana; and taking in Hollywood movies shot on location in Cuba.The number of US visitors, 600,000 annually, a figure that includes many Cuban-Americans visiting relatives, is expected to escalate. The number of non-US tourists could also double over the same period.The number of tourists from Europe has also been increasing, fuelled in part by a sense of urgency among some European and Canadian tourists to try and experience Cuba before the Americans arrive, according to the BBC...." see full article

1333 days ago | nytimes
Ready to Go to Cuba? It Has Gotten Even Easier

"...Now that it is easier to get to Cuba, the challenge is finding somewhere to sleep.Travel organizers operating in Cuba say that a sharp increase in American visitors, and in Europeans and Canadians eager to see Cuba before it changes, has stretched Cuba's tourism infrastructure almost to its limit. You can scarcely find a decent hotel in Havana in May, said Steve Cox, executive director of International Expeditions, which recently obtained a license to run cruises, adding, Even June is tight. ..." see full article

1333 days ago | travelpulse
Cuba Will Retain Its Unique Character, According to Officials
"...Coming perhaps as a relief to those who are rushing to  see Cuba before the Americans come,  Cuba plans to preserve its social and political value system even as it moves toward liberalization of markets, and friendly relations with the U.S.Normalizing relations between the U.S. and Cuba will not be an instantaneous process, and many issues will have to be carefully sorted out, according to Cuban officials speaking on Friday in Philadelphia...." see full article

1333 days ago | dailymail.c
American visits to Cuba soar by 36% as adventurers dash to see Caribbean island 'before it changes'

"...For decades Americans have not been allowed to visit the island 90 miles off the coast of Miami.But as travel restrictions are eased between the two countries, Americans have been flocking to Cuba to see the 'real Cuba' before it is changed by mass tourism. Since Washington announced last year a 'new chapter' with restored links between the US and Cuba, tourism rates have surged, with a 36 per cent jump in the number of Americans heading to the Caribbean island...." see full article

1333 days ago | thehill
Bill Press: Change comes to Cuba

"...Leading the charge to Cuba are American businessmen, attracted by the enormous potential of a largely undeveloped country with a population of 11 million, one that's only 90 miles from Florida. Rice growers from California and representatives from all the big hotel chains have been here. So have many other business leaders, including MasterCard, Google and Microsoft. Some deals have already been signed.Yes, a second revolution is coming to Cuba with the normalization of relations with the U.S. The only question is, will Cuba be able to maintain its own identity and resist the Americanization of its country, with a Starbucks on every corner? That remains to be seen. While Kornbluh says the Cuban people have high expectations that this change will be beneficial for their daily lives, the running joke in Cuba is: Cuba, s ; Yanquis, no s ! Meaning I don't know what the Yankees will bring. ..." see full article

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