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Will The Warriors Win The NBA Championship?

The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are meeting in the 2015 NBA Finals. Current MVP Stephen Curry will be going against former MVP LeBron James. Will the Warriors be able to win the championship, their first in 40 years?

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Will The Warriors Win The NBA Championship?  

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last 24 hours | espn.go
ESPN Forecast: Updated Finals prediction - ESPN

"...After originally picking the Golden State Warriors to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games heading into Game 1, our experts are now predicting a seven-game series win for Stephen Curry & Co.How it works: The ESPN Forecast panel predicted each team's likelihood of winning each of the seven potential games and each team's likelihood of winning the series. The top-line "Forecast" is based on a combination of the mean, median and mode of the predictions for each series...." see full article

1346 days ago | bleacherreport
NBA Finals Run Latest Step in Warriors' Evolution from Afterthought to Flagship - Bleacher Report
"...That's when the Warriors, with their one playoff appearance in an 18-year span, were truly reborn as an up-and-coming, legit big-market franchise elbowing its way to stand skyline to skyline with the Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets for clout in this league.The Warriors are on stage now, and to be clear, they are here to stay.For all the attention Microsoft billionaire Steve Ballmer has received for his aspirations to lift the Donald Sterling-oppressed Clippers into a proper large-market power, Lacob and Guber have already turned the trick in Northern California...." see full article

1348 days ago | washingtonpost
Kyrie Irving out for rest of NBA Finals with knee injury - Washington Post

"...The chance for the 2015 NBA Finals to be a memorable classic that is discussed for years to come may have come to an end when Cleveland Cavaliers all-star point guard Kyrie Irving attempted a hesitation move on a drive and collapsed to the hardwood at Oracle Arena late Thursday night. A healthy or even semi-healthy Irving paired with more-determined-than-ever LeBron James was the Cavaliers' best chance of pushing the Golden State Warriors to the distance, or perhaps even completing the upset that would end 51 years of misery for a championship-starved town.But the extension of Cleveland's title drought seems like a mere formality after the Cavaliers announced Friday afternoon that Irving suffered a fractured left kneecap during his team's riveting, 108-100 overtime loss in Game 1. Irving had been nursing tendinitis in the same knee for several weeks, taken games and parts of practices off, met with orthopedist James Andrews for treatment plans, and worked diligently to make sure he was there to aide James in his defiant quest to deliver for Cleveland. The latest diagnosis will force Irving to have surgery in Cleveland and he is expected to be sidelined for three to four months...." see full article

1349 days ago | sfgate
Kyrie Irving sidelined for the remainder of NBA Finals - SFGate
"...Irving is just 23 with a bright future in front of him. Even though the Finals feel like the most important thing right now, his long-term health is imperative for him and the Cavaliers, and knee injuries are the quickest way to ruin that. An offseason spent recovering is the best thing for Irving right now.For the Cavaliers, suddenly it really is LeBron James against everybody. Without his biggest supporter, he has been given the impossible task of winning this series mostly by himself, with only role players helping him...." see full article

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1349 days ago |
NBA Finals go on, with Warriors seeming even bigger favorite - Yahoo News UK

"...The Warriors were already the favorites to win the championship after leading the NBA with 67 victories during the regular season. Now, with Irving joining Kevin Love on the sideline, the Warriors were trying to brush away the suggestions that not only should they win, but do it easily."No series is unlosable," center Andrew Bogut said. "Stranger things have happened and they're still a great team with arguably the best player in the world. Obviously they're going to have other guys that have to step up to help him get wins, but we can't take this team lightly."..." see full article

1349 days ago | washingtonpost
The Cavaliers' toughest loss in Game 1 of the NBA Finals might have been Kyrie ... - Washington Post (blog)

"...One of the common analyses of this matchup was that the Warriors had a greater collection of talent. But a nearly healthy Irving even early in the game, he appeared to lack his usual explosion would tilt things closer to the Cavs' side, and that might be enough, especially if James can keep playing at an all-universe level.The city of Cleveland will be holding its collective breath, waiting to see if Irving can recover from his latest setback in time to give Golden State more problems all over the court...." see full article

1350 days ago | espn.go
Dynamic duo gave Cavs hope -- but what now? - ESPN

"...All you ask for is a shot at it, and the Cavaliers had one, with the score tied, the ball in James' hands, the final seconds of the fourth-quarter ticking down and everyone in the arena having flashbacks to the two game-winning jumpers LeBron made in Oracle Arena during his career.But this time LeBron settled for a fallaway jumper against Andre Iguodala that skipped off the rim and toward the far side of the court, where Iman Shumpertdid a single motion grab-and-shoot of the rebound that actually came closer to going in than LeBron's shot did. As it turned out, it was as close as the Cavaliers would come to winning Game 1...." see full article

1350 days ago | sbnation
There are reasons the Warriors are the heavy favorites to beat LeBron James' Cavaliers
"...The main reason the Cavaliers might win the NBA Finals is because they have LeBron James, but the best player on the Warriors isn't that much worse than he is. In fact, he might be playing better.You'd be hard-pressed to argue that there's a better all-around basketball player on the planet than LeBron James. He's incredibly strong, super fast, jumps high, shoots well, has great vision and passing ability, can score in the post, will block shots and is capable of guarding players on the perimeter.Curry can't do some of those things, but the things he does are unreal. He's a historically great shooter, has brilliant handles and makes passes other players wouldn't think of even trying. Curry recorded a higher PER than LeBron in the regular season -- 28.0 to 25.9 -- and a higher PER than LeBron in the postseason -- 26.4 to 24.8...." see full article

1350 days ago | blogs.mercurynews
The Warriors will be nervous, have some trouble with LeBron James, then (as usual) theyll figure it out and win in 6
"...It's natural. It's part of the process the Warriors haven't been to this round since 1975 (when coach Steve Kerr was nine years old) and they are figuring this all out as they go along this postseason.That's the key here: The Warriors keep figuring it out; each progressive game and series is their workbook, they continue to reveal new and powerful new dimensions, and I believe they are far better now than they were at the start of these playoffs.The Warriors will have to be at their soaring best to beat LeBron and I believe that's exactly what will happen.Yes, there will be a Bay Area championship celebration after it's over.This, of course, will not be easy...." see full article

1350 days ago | nesn
Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving To Miss Rest Of NBA Finals With Fractured Kneecap -
"...This is a massive blow to the Cavs' chances of beating the Golden State Warriors, especially after already losing Game 1 in overtime at Oracle Arena. Irving scored 23 points before departing, and he also had an amazing shot block on Warriors guard Stephen Curry at the end of regulation that helped force overtime. Cleveland came into the season with three superstars: LeBron James, Kevin Love and Irving. Love suffered a shoulder injury in Round 1 against the Boston Celtics and was ruled out for the remainder of the playoffs. Now that Irving's season also is finished, the Cavs will have to rely even more on a bench that is neither deep nor talented and as the graphic below shows, Cleveland could be in trouble...." see full article

1350 days ago | blog.sfgate
Why the Warriors will win the NBA Finals
"...The Golden State Warriors of Oakland showcase three elements that Cleveland does not spectacular defense, unique versatility and good health. That makes them a better team, and will be the reason Oakland will win the NBA Championship in 6 maybe 7 games.The Cavs, aren't bad defensively, but they are not in the Warriors' class. All of the Warriors starters can not only defend with effort and usually superior length, but all of them can guard different players at different times. Houston's James Harden was thoroughly frustrated by the combination of Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes with splashes of Steph Curry and Draymond Green...." see full article

1351 days ago | fivethirtyeight
LeBron's Greatest Challenge: The NBA Finals Aren't Kind To Underdogs - FiveThirtyEight
"...Maybe LeBron James really is good enough to overcome a middling supporting cast. But his odds aren't great. The Cavaliers would be only about a 3-point underdog on a neutral court, according to Elo. Over a seven-game series, however and with the Warriors having home-court advantage in a potential Game 7 that adds up to just a 25 percent chance of the Cavs winning the series.1 (That matches the odds according to another statistical system we've been using to handicap the NBA.) And that may be optimistic if history is any guide...." see full article

1351 days ago | cbssports
NBA Finals Matchup: LeBron James vs. the Warriors' defense -
"...The Warriors present a matchup vs. James that's like that iPad game you keep thinking about after you've turned it off. Your mind keeps going over the puzzle, trying to figure out how it fits together, where the missing clue is. The Warriors have the personnel to attack elements of James' play, but not the entire kit and caboodle, because, again, he's LeBron James.The Finals won't be won or lost on James' production. He's going to get his points, his assists, his rebounds. That's why, yet again, he's LeBron. But they do need to guard him in the best way possible. How do they do that?..." see full article

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