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Will Tidal Be Successful?

Rapper Jay-Z debuted his new music streaming service in April to much fanfare, but it has been struggling ever since. Will Tidal be able to succeed?

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Will Tidal Be Successful?  

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last 24 hours | qz
Jay Zs plan for streaming music is an artist-driven social network
"...But there is method to Jay Z's madness. In the digital era, the value of each song has fallen through the floor; streaming music companies pay artists pennies per play. Yet it's not like people have stopped going to concerts; as music becomes more ubiquitous and commoditized, artists make most of their money via touring and licensing. Events like Jay Z's B-sides concerts bring the music that fans care most about back to the center of the picture. Stans like myself have been waiting to hear these Jay Z songs played live for decades.What Jay Z is trying to do is build a community around the music with the artist at the heart of it. You can see this in Tidal's posting of exclusives like an acoustic Jack White concert and new Beyonc songs, even though these quickly made their way elsewhere. Tidal generated goodwill by streaming Prince's recent concert following the race riots in Baltimore for free...." see full article

1341 days ago | techdirt
Tidal's Failure: A Reminder To Musicians That It's Not Easy To Build ...
"...Not a good showing, especially given all of the star-power behind it. But let's not treat this by dancing on any freshly dug graves. That would be premature anyway, since we are only talking about a couple of weeks worth of market time here. Regardless of that fact, what this should do is teach some artists an important lesson about the difficulty of providing a music streaming platform, the market forces that decided the winners and losers, and the value that a good streaming service brings both to customers and to artists alike. The whole campaign against Pandora and Spotify has been insane since the very beginning. Streaming services that provide a useful way for customers and potential customers to find, listen to, and to become fans of artists and their work were demonized as greedy technocratic regimes designed solely to make sure singers didn't have enough bus-fare to get home at night. That was silly, of course, as one look at the amount of income those streaming services generate versus what artists wanted in terms of royalties, but the whole thing was really begging for a "If you think it's so easy, come up with your own service" rebuttal. Jay-Z tried to take this on. It's starting to look like he failed. ..." see full article

1342 days ago | ibtimes
Tidal 'Opened Many Doors' For Famed Music Producer Jonathan Hay And ... - International Business Times
"... Their co-sign for When Music Worlds Collide' has been a game changer, he says. Going forward, all of our digital music will stream exclusively through Tidal. For the physical component, we will manufacture limited-edition and special packaging in both vinyl and CD, which we will sell online and in stores across the country. As we previously reported, after conducting their experiment, both Hay and Smith conceded there was in fact a difference in the quality of service provided by Tidal, which is owned by Jay Z and other well-known artists. Although the streaming site costs more than most, offering users two options at sign up: $9.99 per month and a $19.99 per month premium package, the PR maven says it's well worth it. Hay notes that quality does matter," adding that Spotify can't touch [Tidal] -- nobody can. It's truly brilliant. ..." see full article

1342 days ago | makeuseof
Why Jay Z's Tidal Music Streaming Service is Doomed to Fail
"...Jay Z would have been better off inviting up-and-coming musicians, who haven't yet got record deals, or who are struggling to find gigs. That would have suggested Tidal is being run by and for musicians, and not by and for a rich cabal of artists who don't need another revenue stream to pay rent.Everybody understands that the rise of streaming is a bitter pill for some in the music industry to swallow. But the supposedly low rates offered by Spotify et al aren't affecting Jay Z and his happy mob of millionaire musicians. Which makes the whole thing a disingenuous farce...." see full article

1344 days ago | businessinsider
I dove head first into Jay Z's music app 'Tidal' and the critics are ... - Business Insider

"...At the end of the day, I would definitely recommend Tidal. I like the user interface much more than the competitors, and if you're into hip-hop there's a lot of exclusive content here. The app seems sort of tailored to that taste right now.If I wasn't so reliant on curated playlists I would switch to Tidal right now from Spotify. It's a better user interface, similarly large music catalog, and an easy app to navigate.The playlists, though, are a little confused and too small right now. I can rarely find exactly the playlist that hits the post in that moment. Spotify always kills that. That's probably enough to get me to stay with them, or see what Apple's new service has to offer...." see full article

1344 days ago | thewrap
Can Jay Zs Tidal Survive the Apple Music Onslaught?
"...Even before Apple Music's starry launch this week, experts say that there were steep challenges facing Tidal, the beleaguered streaming music service launched by hip-hop mogul Jay Z.But with a deep-pocketed new competitor in the space, Tidal must move even more quickly to address those issues: attracting more listeners, developing a clear brand and convincing consumers of its unique features. Tidal's mission is to attract an audience. That was the case on the day it launched. It was the case on the day before Apple Music, and it's still the case today, Russ Crupnick, managing partner of the music-industry marketing firm MusicWatch, told TheWrap...." see full article

1346 days ago | inquisitr
Why Is Tidal, Jay-Zs Streaming Music Business, Failing?
"...Two words: Subscription-only. Between websites like YouTube or SoundCloud, you can find pretty much any song you want and you don't have to sign up or pay anything at all. An ad-supported streaming model with an optional subscription has been the norm, which for some reason Tidal thinks it can disrupt. There're reasons packaging ads on the radio and internet works; people listen, become loyal, and one day might decide to pay $9.99 a month to get rid of the pesky ads.But Tidal isn't offering much incentive over the ad-supported system, other than the occasional exclusive music release from a partnered artist like Lil' Wayne. Though, I'm sure a clever web surfer can find that exclusive release elsewhere...." see full article

1349 days ago | martle
Music streaming in 2015, and why Tidal is doomed to fail
"...In March 2015, a plethora of millionaire artists came together to help promote Jay Z's new streaming service, Tidal, which he bought for a measly $56 million. The press conference was an extensive, laughable mess artists making claims about changing music's landscape, and even our beloved Beyonc referring to Tidal as a movement , as if the proceeds would fund social change instead of their summer yachts and haute couture.Tidal also offers a 320 kbps premium service for 10 dollars per month, and a high-fidelity, 1411 kbps package for 20 dollars. In retrospect, Tidal is essentially the evolved version of Spotify: aesthetically pleasing and well organized, smooth transitioning from page to page, and entire tabs dedicated to up-and-coming artists. Although there is no external desktop app like Spotify's (which mostly means you have to click pause instead of hitting the keyboard button   a true struggle), the online edition feels less cluttered, easier to navigate, and the personalized library feels generally more accessible than its competitors...." see full article

1349 days ago | forbes
Jay-Z's Tidal Is Tone Deaf And Won't Save The Music Industry
"...It's hard to know what Jay-Z was thinking when he launched music streaming service Tidal. He certainly wasn't thinking about his millions of fans. Most consumers don't want to pay for music. Any streaming business that ignores that reality is doomed to fail.But since then, Tidal has flopped worse than a Madonna movie.  By April 22, Tidal had fallen off of the iTunes top 700 apps chart. Musicians like Mumford & Sons and Lilly Allen have criticized the service calling it expensive and elitist and last weekend Jay-Z went on a Twitter rant defending Tidal against what he called smear campaigns.  Smear campaigns aren't the problem. The real problem with Tidal is that Jay-Z and his business partners didn't think at all about consumers when they launched the company...." see full article

1368 days ago | philly
Jay Z's Tidal is working hard to catch a wave
"...I've been attempting to get a grip on that question for the last week. I've used the app as my principal streaming service - in place of Spotify, which I've had for years - on my phone, iPad, and laptop, while also piping it through my Sonos home audio system.I'd been holding out on any comparison-listening until Apple launched its own streaming service, rumored as soon as next month. But when Jay Z announced he had an exclusive to stream the first hour of Prince's Rally 4 Peace concert in Baltimore last Sunday, I jumped into the Tidal pool, with a 30-day free trial (for which you have to give up credit card info).The Prince stream disappointed. The sound quality was sketchy, like an old bootleg audience tape from the 1970s. I'm sure the show was awesome, but I pushed my laptop aside after 20 minutes. I'll give the Tidal live concert exclusive another chance tonight, when Jay Z live-streams the second of his two "B-Sides" concerts for Tidal contest winners at an undisclosed venue in New York...." see full article

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