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Will Trump Crash At The Debate?

Donald Trump is headlining the first Republican debate, with many wondering whether he can calm down the rhetoric and have a civilized debate with his fellow candidates. Will Trump bomb the debate?

60% of writers and pundits say no
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Will Trump Crash At The Debate?  

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last 24 hours | msnbc
Candidates prepare to take on Trump in debate - MSNBC

"...Whatever route he goes, Trump is the unquestioned center of gravity on Thursday. Candidates have struggled to gain traction during his ascent and it would not be surprising if some decide their best opportunity to score some headlines the next day is to confront him on the big stage. After Trump, the next big question is how the race's other top tier performers handle their moment in the sun. Bush, the establishment frontrunner and by far the best-funded candidate, will have a chance to showcase his pragmatic style, but could face attacks from the right over his support for immigration reform and Common Core education standards. Walker, who leads recent polls in Iowa, will have a chance to showcase his blue-collar roots and highlight a long list of conservative achievements in Wisconsin over intense Democratic opposition...." see full article

1261 days ago | qz
A GOP candidate's guide to debating Donald Trump: don't debate him - Quartz
"...The negative of appearing with Trump, however, is that one has no idea what he might say or do. It is imperative that candidates not respond to him in a way that makes them look unlikable or incompetent. Trump's rhetoric will beg for a gut reaction that only serves to help seal a candidate's fate.If any one of the candidates were my clients, I would tell them to be more concerned with his own image. It is important to come across well informed and likable. The danger for Trump is that someone could easily get him to lose his cool and do something else that voters might perceive as un-presidential.The take home that many candidates must remember is that Trump, even though he is leading in the polls, is not seen by virtually any political experts as being a viable candidate. Trump, however, can do significant damage to candidate's outlook. While it's highly unlikely he will be the candidate, he will ultimately help Republicans select one...." see full article

1261 days ago | nytimes
In Drama of First GOP Debate, Donald Trump Is Without a Script - New York Times

"...Still, as a post-policy candidate, Mr. Trump may be somewhat impervious to being pinned down, whether by the news media or by his rivals.Citing the danger that lurks for other Republicans in taking on Mr. Trump, a ferocious counterpuncher, some debate veterans speculated that his rivals would prefer to demur. My impression is every one of them will go in with a line or two ready to go, if Trump seizes upon them and they can't ignore it without looking weak, said Dan Senor, who helped Paul Ryan prepare for his 2012 vice-presidential debate with Joseph R. Biden Jr. But I think they're all hoping to not have to use it. Mr. Trump's seeming mutability is not limited to his own positions; in Iowa recently, he said he had not known much about Mr. Walker's record as governor before donating to his 2014 re-election. I didn't know what the hell he was doing, but he was fighting, and I like a fighter. Does that make sense? Mr. Trump said...." see full article

1262 days ago | forbes
Trump Goes Into Debate With Big Lead; GOP Voters Expect Him to Dominate - Forbes
"...The populist urge is to rage against the machine not any one man. Wealth is a sign not only of success the hard-earned way but of liberation and independence. Hence, angry voters appreciate someone who probably means it when he says I don't care what anyone says, I am going to say it . But the larger question here is what happens when the music stops, when the sound bites become repetitive, when the single mom with cancer needs a hug and the helicopter is waiting.Mr. Trump marches on for now. How much longer can he sustain this? I don't really expect much to happen at the debate. If 67% think he is going to get the most publicity, why would another candidate enable that?..." see full article

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1262 days ago | forbes
Trump Goes Into Debate With Big Lead; GOP Voters Expect Him to Dominate - Forbes
"...The populist urge is to rage against the machine not any one man. Wealth is a sign not only of success the hard-earned way but of liberation and independence. Hence, angry voters appreciate someone who probably means it when he says I don't care what anyone says, I am going to say it . But the larger question here is what happens when the music stops, when the sound bites become repetitive, when the single mom with cancer needs a hug and the helicopter is waiting.Mr. Trump marches on for now. How much longer can he sustain this? I don't really expect much to happen at the debate. If 67% think he is going to get the most publicity, why would another candidate enable that?..." see full article

1263 days ago | thenation
The Coming Debate and a Trump in the House of Cards

"... Nervous Republican officials can take some solace in the fact that the debate is moderated by three Fox News stalwarts. They are unlikely to dwell on the irresistible questions raised by the absurdities that Republican candidates have offered up in the last months. Fox News anchors will no doubt try to get candidates to vent their venom on Hillary Clinton and President Obama rather than on each other. Candidates will have one minute to answer questions, time only for expressing an attitude, not a policy.Some of the questions are already teed up. Donald Trump has put immigration front and center. The Republican assault on Planned Parenthood will no doubt be aired. The Iran deal will be thrashed universally. Ritual pledges to repeal Obamacare are unavoidable...." see full article

1263 days ago | cnn
How Trump can win the debate - CNN

"...Numerous political commentators predict a similar political demise for Trump. While no one suggests that Trump will fall victim to a sordid extramarital affair like Kane, many predict that Trump's hubris, bravado and disdain for civility will ultimately undermine his political ambitions. Despite his current front-runner status in the Republican contest, some suggest that his inability to act presidential at the first debate, in Cleveland on Thursday, will begin Trump's swift and precipitous decline. No one can deny that Trump's current strategy has produced magnificent results. With the Republican field the largest in history, Trump looks to walk onto the Quicken Loans Arena stage ahead of the pack. The most recent Quinnipiac University poll finds Trump garnering 20% of voter support and a significant 7% lead over his closest rival, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin...." see full article

1264 days ago | blogs.wsj
In First GOP Debate, Goal Is Winning the BaseNot Trumping Trump
"...Mr. Trump has said he is going to play nice what the person atop the polls usually does to protect his status. The conventional strategy would be to go after the front-runner and work to score points against him while showcasing conservative principles, policy knowledge, and zeal for the job.Instead of focusing on whether Mr. Trump adopts a presidential manner or hoping that he makes some gaffe in front of viewers smart candidates will keep this in mind: Republican primary voters watching debates this early in the election cycle are pretty serious customers. They are looking to support candidates who are the most conservative in their positions who could win a general election. And however many other viewers may tune in Thursday, the goal is still to build support with the GOP base...." see full article

1264 days ago | businessinsider
Trump is lowering expectations about his debating skills ahead of the first GOP presidential debate

"...Trump clearly is causing heartburn for the rest of the GOP field and party leaders. The party's image has been taking a beating lately because of Trump's harsh, anti-immigrant rhetoric, as well as bitter intraparty squabbling in Congress and along the campaign trail. At the same time, the party has seen a substantial decline in its favorability rating which according to the Pew Research Center dropped from 41 percent last January to just 32 percent now.Trumps' numbers, meanwhile, have skyrocketed in recent weeks as he has tapped into growing voter frustration and anger with the political establishment and an apparent desire for more straight-talk and simple solutions to inherently complicated problems...." see full article

1264 days ago | csmonitor
How do you debate someone like Donald Trump?
"... Donald Trump's long and storied career as a businessman is one of his major attributes with voters, Mr. Kall told the Los Angeles Times. The other candidates would be wise to directly attack Mr. Trump on a subject where he's considered to be extremely strong and experienced. Jon Fleischman, founder and publisher of, added that opponents could use Trump's self-contradicting positions on multiple issues to discredit him.Regardless of which tactics they choose, the candidates better have something good ready if they come after Trump, warns Republican pollster Frank Luntz in a New York Times interview. You only attack the king if you can kill him; otherwise you leave him alone, because the king will kill you.  ..." see full article

1264 days ago | rushlimbaugh
Will Trump Blow Up the Debate?
"...He would basically start lambasting the whole format and say, "You know what?  This is what is wrong with choosing a president.  What does this got to do with anything?  We're all up here, and everybody knows that nine out of 10 of these people, eight out of these, are not going anywhere.  What are we doing here?  This is crazy.  All we're gonna do for two or three hours here is tell everybody how rotten each other is?  It's crazy.  It's not gonna matter a hill of beans at the end of the campaign. What are we wasting our time for?  Making TV ratings for...?"Something like this.  I mean, that would be in character.  And how many people do you think would stand up and go, "Right on!"  I know this debate coming up Thursday is probably gonna be a record setter, ratings-wise, for a whole host of reasons All of them predictable, understandable.  But at the same time, what people in the Republican Party know is, when these debates are all said and done, what happens?  A Northeastern liberal moderate establishment candidate gets the nomination. ..." see full article

1264 days ago | hotair
Trump: I dont think Ill be throwing any punches at Thursdays GOP debate
"...The irony is, it would be clever if Trump were true to his word and didn't end up scrapping with anyone at the debates. Everyone has the same expectation: He won't prepare at all; he'll spout a bunch of vague nonsense about his secret terrific ObamaCare replacement plan and how he'd make Putin cower on foreign power; he'll call the rest of the field losers and end up insulting a few of them personally onstage; and the media will pronounce the whole thing a circus afterward, followed by a bunch of handwringing about what the RNC can do to keep Trump out of the second debate.  Imagine if, instead, he surprised everyone by quietly preparing, refusing to take his opponents' bait, and giving some substantive policy answers. Viewers would be pleasantly surprised and anyone onstage who took a shot at him would seem petty and diminished by comparison. It's the smartest thing he could to make himself a semi-serious candidate this fall. But then, who wants to listen to Trump talk policy? And how could his policies possibly satisfy his fan base? He's already gone  mushy and incoherent on his signature issue of immigration. The mushier he gets, the more his supporters will bolt...." see full article

1264 days ago | slate
Mr. Manners

"...But isn't the obvious gambit restraint? Shouldn't we expect the Republican front-runner to show up and behave like a choir boy? That possibility rewards imaginative analysis. I only wish I could speak as well as Jeb does about my love for immigrants. Gov. Christie reminds me of myself. Trump could bring everyone plush bathrobes from one of his resort properties.That Trump is likely to be on his best behavior is the conclusion of several advisers working for Trump's challengers. Next Thursday's debate will be the first great test of his capacity to bridle his natural inclinations in the service of a tactical goal. ..." see full article

1264 days ago | inquisitr
Donald Trump Remaining Calm Ahead Of The Upcoming GOP Debate
"...Unusual for Trump, this has been a quiet week for the 69-year-old. There has not been any sporadic outbursts like we've witnessed in the past few weeks. In fact, Donald Trump has been on the defensive, as he's had to dodge allegations of marital rape and claims of misogyny in the workplace.The GOP debate will be the first time the wide public will hear first hand of how Republican candidates will handle critical issues such as the economy and foreign policy. Politicians such as Jeb Bush and Scott Walker will be seen as the more likely to handle the debate well, while others, such as Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz, are also outside favorites, given their alternative views...." see full article

1264 days ago | huffingtonpost
Just Say It: Trump Has No Standing to Debate in My Party

"...Vulgar things are not new in politics, and they are not new in Republican politics. But the intolerance Trump spouts goes beyond anything coming from Sen. Ted Cruz or other candidates. It is alien to the tradition of passionate but principled activism that runs from Reagan, H.W. and Gingrich, straight through the original Tea Party movement to my own preferred candidate for 2016, Gov. John Kasich.We can't sit back and hope it flames out on its own. We must quench it ourselves, in public, right now.The spread has been rapid. For a few years after the bailouts of General Motors and the financial sector, objectors in both parties found rowdy but principled common cause against centrists like me who preferred a bloody save to outright economic collapse. Even the government shutdown saga was a complicated story implicating hardline ideology, not racially tinged animosity...." see full article

1264 days ago | thehill
GOP field gets ready to rumble

"...Political junkies and experts believe Trump will bring his typical braggadocio to the debate stage despite their sentiment among Republicans that it makes him unelectable in a general election. Trump has been mum about his debate prep, telling CNN he doesn't have a coach. David Birdsell, a political science professor at Baruch College who has studied debates extensively, told The Hill that he doubts Trump's performance will do anything to help his overall chances despite his current lead. If Donald Trump can come across as a sober, statesmanlike presence with a sound grasp of issues able to tap both populist outrage and have the best thinking of policy shops, he'll have made a number of people take another look, he said, immediately speculating that outcome would be unlikely.The rest of the candidates will have to decide whether to tread carefully or jump into the ring against him. ..." see full article

1264 days ago | usnews
Can Donald Trump Appear Presidential?

"...Many political professionals argue that while this might make Trump popular with the most resentful and angry voters in the GOP, such traits won't carry him to the GOP nomination or the White House, where many voters prefer a more elevated and consensus-oriented approach to leadership.Trump may be getting the message. He recently tweeted, "I look forward to the debate on Thursday night & it is certainly my intention to be very nice & highly respectful of the other candidates."..." see full article

1264 days ago | miamiherald
Debate stage: Voters like Bush, Rubio. A lot don't like Trump - Miami Herald
"...Republicans like Jeb Bush. And a lot really don't like Donald Trump.In fact, more than half find Trump a distraction from the primary process, not a serious candidate.With the first Republican presidential debate coming up Thursday, a new McClatchy-Marist poll finds that a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents personally like Bush, saying they view him favorably rather than unfavorably. Large numbers also like Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee, far more than dislike them.But nearly half dislike Trump, suggesting that the billionaire businessman who leads national Republican polls will have a hard time reaching those personally hostile voters and growing his constituency, while a host of others have room to surge.The debate in Cleveland, the first of a monthly series, will feature the 10 Republicans, plus ties, atop an average of national polls. As many as seven other candidates will not qualify and instead can participate in a late afternoon forum.Read more here:" see full article

1264 days ago | nytimes
Stakes for Donald Trump in First G.O.P. Debate (in a Word): Huge

"...No candidate is more likely to wing it than the mercurial Mr. Trump. But the man who read Senator Lindsey Graham's cellphone number aloud on a South Carolina stage has set the bar fairly high for himself to do something that would qualify as outrageous.He is likely to arrive in Cleveland ready with cutting observations about each of his rivals, according to a person briefed on Mr. Trump's debate preparations who was not authorized to speak publicly. (A recent example: He said former Gov. Rick Perry of Texas put glasses on so people will think he's smart. He added, It just doesn't work. )Mr. Trump's mantra, in his books and in his paid speeches, is to counterattack harder when anyone throws a punch. (As he did when gently chastised by Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a mess, Mr. Trump retorted.)..." see full article

1266 days ago | feeds.washingtonpost
This is what Donald Trump should say to win next week's debate

"...A boots-on-the-ground strategy could be risky for our war-weary country, so how about blitz bombing them for a few days? (With TRUMP-emblazoned bombs, no less.) In addition, he could ramp up energy production back home: Open all of our waters up to offshore drilling, build the Keystone XL Pipeline, triple the crude oil America buys from Canada and frack the heck out of natural gas deposits across the country. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Trump could potentially stay in the race and -- dare we say it? --have a shot at winning the debate...." see full article

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